February 13, 2015                Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: St. Germain, February 13, 15


I am here today to speak with you about the coming times. I am St. Germain, and I am a part of what will be progressing around the world in the coming days. As the situation changes around the world in various ways, and with the people who are at present standing in what they consider to be their power, there will be a noticeable change come into being. These ones who consider themselves to have power over the minions will realize that is all in the past. It was a role they were to play. As the positions changed in the recent past, their positions came into a great deal of power loss. That has brought about a great deal of movement in the ability for others to stand in another place of power, and show the world what will be coming to the whole of humanity and all of life on earth.


I speak now of the money changes that all of you have been looking forward to for some time. It is in the works. It could not be brought forward until all of the power-mongers had to step down and allow the freedom of the people to speak forth and take their parts in the development of the new awakening of the freedom that their newfound abilities are able to create. I say newfound, for most of humanity has forgotten, or stored deep within, their abilities to create in any way that they desire and intend. They have been playing their roles in a way that fit the cause of the journey through duality.


That journey is complete now, my dear family. I am speaking from the present moment, which you are all awakening to. As this takes place, you will discover in a series of experiences and knowingness why it has been as it has. You will realize why you have come to this place of the recognition of why it has been in the works for so much longer than even we had realized. It is all new, my dear ones. It is the unknown showing itself in the various ways that come from the newness of expression. As you all step away from what has been your role in this experience, you are realizing how much more there is to the story, and at the same time, how much less you felt would be coming to your experience in the first place.


There is a coming event that will bring so much of what has been spoken of to the table. It will climb into the clouds of confusion and clear them away for so many people around the world. There will be new understanding as to why there have been the delays in what you've been told. There will be many turn-arounds for the ones who have stood their ground in the energy of power that they saw as inseparable from the ones whom they regarded as 'less than'. It will become a journey of opening up to the truth of the equality of all of humanity, as well as all of life.


I've heard so many of you speak, either internally, or to others, of the abilities that the animal kingdom has shown in their communications with you. It is further expanded than many of you realized in the ability to read one's mind and communicate with even the spider on the wall, or the beloved dog at your side. Yes, we are all becoming more in expression of the Oneness of us all. We are the beloved family that is becoming more and more evident as we approach these coming times of the sharing of not only the wealth of the world, but of the universal energies of Love.


As I close this message to you I do so with the gratitude for all of you to be able to search for your answers within. You are finding that there is more within that speaks of your truth than in any voice outside of you. You are the powers of the hour. You are the Kings and Queens of your world, within all of you is the castle of the dominion of Truth that will assist you to the places of power that you create in your minds and strongly in your hearts. I Love all of you, and I speak in your powers of Love, Peace and Joy in moving forward in the energy of creation that is deeply within your beingness. Love is all there is in everything that you do and are. Walk forward into Ecstasy.



Thank you dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate