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Wake up Call: Mushaba Feb 03, 2015


We are here today to bring you some information that is the beginning of what is to come for all of you in the coming months and on through the years, that will astound so many. It will be a listing of the differences that are taking place and what is coming from them. First I will introduce myself to you all, as some of you may not have heard of me before. I am Mushaba and I remind you of the Mushaba Force energy. This energy is part of the beginning of the universe in which you all live, and have been from since time began, even before the idea of time was brought to the planet earth.


There is so much that you will be hearing about, and much of it will open up your inventory of information in order for you to be able to relate to what is coming from your family throughout the universe. We are the ones who have the information that will bring you to the recognition of some of the energy that you have forgotten existed for you, and that you have had a part of in Creation.


I and others are going to be speaking through this one, Nancy, and Anakhanda Mushaba, and also through others who are informed on a conscious level at this time of the Mushaba energy. Right now we have brought forth the new 'name' of the Mushaba energy because it has evolved from the Mushaba Force. The Love Essence of Mushaba is now in movement throughout all of Creation. It is being utilized to be able to bring forth the next steps in the evolvement of all of life in this universe. It will also introduce yourselves to the other information that you carry within your beingness, which reminds you of how the Mushaba energy was instrumental in the Creation of this universe and all of life within it.


Right now I take a stand and tell you that there was reason for the movements to downgrade the black race and to place the people of the white races on the higher level. That will become evident to you as more information is brought to you all. It will bring to you the essence of Love that spoke through so many beings in the early stages of the journey you are all involved with here on planet earth, and even way back from the beginnings of this universe. Once the information is brought forth not only from us, but from so many of you, then all of humanity will begin to remember that which has been in hiding for so long.


This is part of the plan from The Creator. This is what was destined to come forth in this lifetime on earth. It was seen to be the lifetime in which the evolvement of the life throughout the universe would be at a point in which they would find that as they opened up to the information that has been in captivity all of this time, it is being freed and brought to the knowing of consciousness at this point of the journey. It will be the awakening of all of you.


I take my leave now with these words and invite you all to tune in to what has been shared with you thus far and to feel the energy that is moving within. Feel the truth of how it is resonating within you, or whether it is not responding as yet. Whatever the response it is all in perfection, for Love is the energy of it all, and in the freedom of Love and the power of Creation you are beautiful beings who are on your trek back to yourselves and all that it involves. This is a Wake up Call that is serving you in a way that will raise you to a bright new day filled with sunshine, bright skies and warm hearts. Love is the answer to it all!



Thank you dear Mushaba,

Much Love, Nancy Tate