February 11, 2014               Click here for Printable



St. Germain,  


As I come to you this morning it is with a great deal of delight and foremost haste in bringing it to you. The news I have will not be public until later in the day, or week, but for now it is bound for the ones who read the truths that are in your circle of communication and it is up to them to pass it on as they see fit.


I am St. Germain, and this is the second in the messages that are concerning what is taking place in the network of events that are clearing out the unwanted elements of the societal energies that have been plaguing the world for so long.


I tell you all now that there is an ongoing influx of the ones who have been involved with the lower energy manipulations, and they are finally seeing that the influence of those energies is falling away. They are now finding the opportunity to come forth and tell more and more people what they have been involved with and how they came to be. It is a matter of them hiding for so long and being forced to undergo what has been kept hidden for so long. They have been told that their lives are in jeopardy as well as their families, and now that is all being removed and they not only feel the release, but they have seen proof that they are no longer in that jeopardy. They are ready to step forth in the courtrooms and the public news and spill the beans, so to speak. They are taking their residences with our help and protection, as they see that the way is clear for their coming forth with the truth.


It is going to be a widespread opening that takes place and as that grows the public will no longer be able to deny that which has been coming forth in bits and pieces over the past decades. It is a sure thing that as soon as enough evidence is put forward then the whole matter will open up and the road back to freedom will be won.


I realize that there are some of you who may respond to this with the chagrin of having read this over and over again. This time, my dear ones, I say to you that since there is no time, it is fruitful for you to know that it is in the works and that the more positive and grateful energy you give to this, the sooner you will see it in your backyards talking with your neighbors, and down the street as the news come through the newspapers and over the I-pods that hold the people’s attention as they go about their business. It is going to be reaching the far corners of the globe, and as it does it will filter through to those who are ready to see the truth for what it is. For those who are not yet ready, it will be a short time later, and then they too will not be able to deny what is presented before them to the public eye all over the globe.


Nancy: I am led to ask you St. Germain, can you give us one more word of encouragement with this wonderful news?


I certainly can my dear, and it is this. There will be coming in the news shortly a piece of information that tells of the passing of several more political higher ups and it will present a picture of questioning for many people. That questioning will open many doors to what I have spoken of today. I leave this message now with Love, Peace and Joy to all of you.


Thank you dear St Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate