February 27, 2014               Click here for Printable




This is a day filled with beauty and joy. It is a day in which you all are sending such wondrous energy not only to the planet but as well to the boundless universe beyond. We all are sitting in our places astounded by what you are transmitting through your auric fields. You are sending out the vibrations of Love in a way that is seeing no end, that is taking the steps that are in sync with all of the universal energies that surround you.


There is coming an outstanding ovation that you will feel in the instant of your allowance of it. It is tremendously musical and it is filled with the jubilation of the Christed energies and the All of the Oneness of the Mushaba energy that is combined with itself and all of Creation. As the Christ energies cohabitate the energies of the Mushaba energies they express their oneness with all that is. They speak of each other and they express the truth of their part in the wholeness of the universal manifestation that is in place. They are being built upon as each of you on earth send out your energies of Love that surround us all with the distinction of the manifestation that is taking place.


I am Horus and I come to you from the interior of the earth. I come to you with the utmost Love and appreciation for what you are all doing for the rest of Creation. It is with the blessings of your inner family of this planet that we rejoice in what it means for us, as well as the rest of the universe. As you open up the doors that have been closed and locked for so long, you are giving us the breath of the clean air that you are creating. As the societal aspects of your surface life come to the places that you are designing through your Love, we see the glow shine not only out forth into the universe, but also inward through all of you and to us within this planet.


There will come a time when you will be able to easily, and in joy come and go into and back outward throughout this planet. It will be a whole new aspect of travel that you will be making. You can now add it to your desired places to explore, for it will show you so much that you have forgotten which is part of your home here on earth.


I close this message now with a gratitude extended to all of you for the steps you are taking and the Love that you are sending to all of existence. You are seeing the inner light of so many people. That means that you are, as well, shining that Light to them. It is a reflection of where you are in the ascension process that is singing throughout the universe. I dance my way through the halls of Love and joyfully join the others in our inner world who are dancing and celebrating as well. Love, joy, and peace surround us all as we give thanks to our wondrous Creator Source for giving us this gift of Ourselves who Is The All.


Thank you so much dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate