February 11, 2013               Click here for Printable




Engage in the simple pleasures of life. Be at peace with yourself and all things. Embrace Mother Nature, and she will embrace you back. Drink pure lemonade everyday and you will find yourself in pleasure, good health and peace.


These are the words and feelings I woke up with this morning. These are the ingredients for a happy, healthy, loving life. How many of you know this? How many are saying, “That is old stuff, of course we know it?” I said that as I lay in bed, and then in the next moment, I heard, “Then why did I need the reminder?” The answer was very simple; “It is because I had not been feeling that simple, peacefulness for some time.


As I looked out over the greenbelt outside our bedroom windows, its color is now brown and gold. This is a transformation of what is a wonderful gift from Mother Nature to us and to herself. As the seasons of change bring about the varying aspects of life, we are given, and give to ourselves, many variations of what life can be for us.


It is a matter of being able to go with it all, and to sit back and see what has been accomplished in the harmony of the song of life. It is a matter of being able to appreciate everything and all of what is in beingness in our lives. In that way, anything that might be a bit sour feeling/tasting, with a little sweetness, comes into a wonderful alignment with us.


Did you ever say to a squirrel as it jumps into the bird feeder, “What are you doing eating the seeds that I am giving to the birds?” Is it not that everything is here for everyone to enjoy? It is up to each individual to choose what it is that feels good, tastes good, and that is in harmony with the moment.


We can do what we want, eat and drink what we want, as long as we know it is in harmony with us. We can go where we want to, see who we care to, do what we want with whatever, or whomever comes along, as long as it feels good and brings a good response.


When I think of all the overtures being sung today about what to do and what not to do, who to see and who not to see, who to listen to and who not to listen to, I think, “We need to listen to our own inner guidance and inner feelings and then we’ll know what is good for us in the moment. As long as we can go back to trusting our own inner knowing then we are back in due course to our own peaceful state of mind and being.


That doesn’t mean that we don’t listen to others; it is a matter of being in the exchange of beautiful thoughts, ideas and feelings. We are all one, and as we awaken to each and everyone’s thoughts and feelings, we can be more discerning as to which ones resonate with us. It is a matter of sorting out the cards in the deck and realizing which ones are fitting to the moment.


As we continue through the day and set forth on our journey into the blessings we give ourselves, and each other, we do so with the knowing that we are returning to ourselves. This means that we are not newcomers to the innermost reaches of our promise, we are reawakening to our life’s dreams and realities and what we have in potential within. We are bringing what we have experienced in these millennia of forgetfulness into the dictionaries and encyclopedias that we have had in storage all these times while we have been asleep.


Think of the scope of this! Think of what this can mean to us from this point on. Isn’t it a bit mindblowing? Or is it also a bit mindsettling, when we tell ourselves to cool it and just smell the roses, speak to the birds and squirrels, and whisper to the moon and sun above that they are the harbingers of the news from the rest of creation. For me it denotes the release of so much resistance of these times. It isn’t a matter of having to know what is coming. It is a matter of being in the moment and celebrating what comes from the treasure of what we create in this moment.


Tomorrow is another day. We can have thoughts and ideas of what is coming tomorrow, but let’s let it be open and fluid as to what will be in the next moment, day, etc. There is a fine line between being in control and being in creativity. With one breath we have control, with the next we let it go.


So these are my thoughts and feelings for the day. Some may sound old, some familiar, some right on. Some may be in one moment boring, and in the next, “Hmmm let me think about this again.” Come join me in the newness of every word, thought, feeling in your own unique way. Sing with me with your own tune and words, and we’ll sing in harmony for the rest of our existence throughout the sphere of creation, forevermore. Our love is boundless! And so it is.


Thank You All for Being,

Love, Nancy Tate