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I am here today to tell you all of something that is taking place in the universe. I am Hatonn, and I greet you on the most momentous of days. It is a matter of circumventing the universe and all of its territories and then coming around again. We are in that beginning phase of the return trip around the universe, the one that is beginning to open us all up to who we truly are and what our next steps are.


You may be wondering in this moment what I speak of when I include myself, and all others in my speaking of our opening up. I am referring to the fact that in the past roundabouts through the universe, we all put certain instances of information into storage, most of which is in the Porthalogus Library.


I say most of which because there is another storage vault in which bits and pieces of information have been kept under wrap, so to speak for the grand re-opening that is set into place to be awakened within each and everyone of us. That information has to do with the energetic patterning of each of our beginnings of existence. It has to do with why we are here and what is behind the patterning of our own individual place in the Oneness of the universal language of total and complete placement in our fields within the universe.


As this information is being awakened we are seeing different things come up in our lives. For those of us who did not take the position of being in the duality experience, it is a matter of being able to step into the next level of our ascension process. Yes, we too are ascending from our position of being awake through all of this into the position in which we shall lay the foundation for what you all who have been in the duality will come to share with us. We will all then take the next experience to a level that is all together in harmony and in complete understanding of what it is to all of us to see the whole picture once again.


This is a time for all of us when the blanks are being filled in. We are seeing what it is like to awaken from a deep and long-lasting sleep and to see the world as we once knew it, yet as being different from the last remembrance of it. It is a matter of seeing the future in the past and present, and knowing it is the Now of our existence.


When we get up in the morning and see a different face in the mirror, or a strangely foreign image next to us, or out the window, it is because we have come from a place in our dream state that is in our present reality of awakening. It is preparing the way for us to comfortably recognize who we all are and what it is that we seemed to have left behind. It is like returning to our hometown after being away from it for 20 years or more, even from childhood to senior years. In some ways it will be familiar, and in other ways it will be all new, while at the same time not surprising, because of its growth over the stretch of time that has taken place.


I am telling you all this now because it is a time when the Mayans are opening up a whole new means of communication that is universal. This is a time when there is a grand celebration taking place universally, and we are at the center of it. We all are included in this celebration because it is a milestone in the Oneness of our expression throughout all of existence. As we go forth from this day and radiate out to other universes that have been created in our purpose and expression, we are bringing all of the other expressions of Creation into our field of Oneness and offering our embrace to it all.


My dear ones, we are going on a journey in these two days that are upon us and in those days will be many reconciliations, and many feelings of coming back together. There will be feelings of celebration and feelings of peacefulness and homecoming for many. It will be an individuality that will be expressed in the wonder of the variety that is, as I speak in expression.


I encourage you all to take a breath and enjoy the sunshine, the rain, snow or whatever is in your world these two days and dance with is, walk with it, sing out your joy, love and peace. It is a new door being opened and as it speaks forth of that which you are capable of creating you will see what I say and add to it. You are all Creators of your world and as they say in some circles, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”


Blessings upon you all! Welcome back to your journey to yourself, for we are all one and in your return to yourselves you return to me and everyone else in existence. The reunion has begun in an elevated way, and we are all at the table to welcome you home. Blessings abound!


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate