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I am here to tell you a bit today about the situation in your world that involves the tyranny that has been exploited in the system of transportation. There has been an overabundance of elevated ideas about what is to take place in the transportation system and how it will transform in the new world that is coming. There are many ideas about what will take place and how the autos, trains, buses, airplanes, etc, will be transitioned into a new method of movement. Will we see this in the very near future and if so, how will it be brought forward? Will it make the present day vehicles obsolete and if so how will we be able to afford the difference that will affect our lives?


These are all questions that will be answered with a very simple realization. When all of this comes forth there will be in place the means by which to be able to bring them into your lives and the ability to power them with your minds. There are already many vehicles that have been secluded by the present system, and as that system falls away and is no more on planet earth, then the new means of transport will be revealed. This will bring about another shift in the economy and in the atmosphere surrounding earth.

All of the vehicles will be powered with cleanliness. As Iíve said the mind will be used to empower as well as the energy system that is here for your use. You will find that within this energy system is the ability to convert thought and intent into fuel for movement. With this ability will come many new means of living and building on the planet. There will be homes, businesses, and communities all over the planet that will be powered by the ability you have to create anything you desire.


We will be coming to you not only from other planets and from the ships that now surround your earth, but we will also continue to come from inside your planet to begin this shifting on the surface. Once the movements that are necessary within the crust of the earth are finalized then we will be able to come forth and work with you to master that which has been lying dormant for all of this time. As you go forth in this transition stage you will find that you will not only reawaken to the means for transportation on the surface, but also those vehicles that will take you out into the universe for you to be able to spread your victory of reawakening throughout the universe. By doing this you will be presenting your example of what you are capable of when living fully in the eyes and mind of The Source.


It is coming upon you all here on earth the time when you will be seeing the beginnings of this. It is already beginning behind the eyes of the mainstream, and as it builds in momentum it will then be evident for all to see. There will be no possibility of denial of what is before their eyes and their knowing. It will be a grand reopening of all of those who have been here on this journey for so long. It will become self-evident in the way that people begin to feel, and to see what is before them, that they have not been able to see before. That is what takes place when the transition is made from 3rd dimensionality, into the fourth and on into the beginning levels of the fifth.


Many of you are about to ascend into the early levels of the fifth. You will see the difference in your lives and you will be able to present your example of what it means, for all others to see. It is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to others, as well as the result of the gifts you give yourself in believing in yourself.


As you find yourself engaging in the new devices for movement across and above the planet, as well as the ones that are already in use within the planet, you will see what is in store for you in the times to come. You will see them as the example of how your life will be in the coming times. It will give you reason to celebrate every moment of every new change that you are living here on this beautiful planet that has been home for so long. You will not desert this planet in any way. That is your desire, to remain on the planet, or to keep it forever in your heart as you venture forth into the universe to explore from whence you came.


Go out there today in your community, your family around you, and know that as you do you are revisiting your own space, your own creation, that of yours and those around you. See it as beautiful and ever changeable. See it as the forefront to what it can be with the increasing evolvement of the planet and you. It is a song to be sung throughout the universe that comes from the hearts of each and every one of you. I sit and listen every time I tune in to it. All of creation does, for it is the lullaby of the discovery of who you are, renewed and in ecstasy once more.


Welcome Home! You are our family, and we love your presence in our existence. I am Horus once more, and I visit you today from one of the ships that look down on you in admiration and love. It is the ship that comes and goes with our free will as is seen to be in flow with all of you in you grand awakening. This ship is called the Phoenix, and I am blessed to be in residence here this day with dearly beloved Hatonn. He sends his love to all of you as we sit back and enjoy our visit with you. Go in peace and love for always and a day.


Thank you dear Horus and Hatonn,

Love Nancy Tate