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I am here today to give you a lowdown on many things that will be part of your world when the time comes for the changes that will be taking place on the planet. As the sturdy bridges, mountains and valleys all collapse into themselves they will rebuild in new formations and bring about a new way of living. They will represent how you can surmount obstacles that have come into being in the time on earth and how easily they can be taken down and reformed to be advantages for living in a pristine world, one that harmonizes with your every moment.


As these mountains and bridges to other factions of the earth body are seen to be in rapid evolution there will be sanctuary within the earth and on ships above the planet. All will be given the chance to be uninterrupted in their transition, and in so doing you wont have a long time to withstand the changes. In fact it will be as if in the blink of an eye they will take place. Such will be the span of time in which you will be not only taking part in the restructuring, but also in the transition of your own bodies, right along with that of Gaia.


This will not mean for you that you will have trauma, quite the opposite. You will find that the changes that will come into being will do so with flow and resonance. You will enjoy the transition and take part in it as it reforms your molecular beingness into that of crystalline nature. You will experience such a wonderful transitory period that you will feel as if you are floating on a cloud of gold dust while heaven is singing to you. You will join in the dance of love that is being beamed to you. It will be as a walk with the angels into a new you and a heightened way of being. All of this will take place as Gaia is experiencing herself being reborn. She will gain such an ecstatic feeling that she too will not undergo any trauma. For her too it will be as a dance into perfection and the feeling of heaven within her entire body. You will not see a whole lot of change of the beauty of earth; it will involve mostly the inner beingness, the matter will transform to antimatter, crystalline in nature, as will you.


As these changes come about there will be many transitions of the life on earth. The animal life will be in safety, for they too will be held and comforted in another dimensionality in which they will undergo their transformation. Some of them will return to the new earth, and some of them will go on to their original place of being on other planets. Some of them came to earth for specific journeys and will find their time to return to their homeland is here. Those who return to earth and the fifth dimensionality will be with you in their beauty and love, harmonizing with you in every way. You will have complete ability to communicate with them.


As for the vegetation, you will find that there is a complete reordering of their beingness. Most will retain their outer look, while being able to communicate with all other life on earth. They will begin to evolve into living beings that are able to live with you in a way that does not mean they will be used for the purposes that have evolved over time. No more killing of trees for housing, fire, or anything like, that no more killing of anything. You will find that they live with you in complete harmony and love.


The insect world will no longer be feared, killed, or found to be a nuisance. You will understand the purpose for them being part of the ecosystem, and you will not only honor that, but you will be in co-operation and appreciation with it. The beauty of the spider webs will marvel you for the intricacies of the interlacing of the webs. The nests of the bees will reap a glow and fragrance that will draw you to its beauty. All of what is now in the insect world on earth will be considered works of art and treasures for keeping the harmonic balance of nature.


As you venture out into the world today and for the rest of your time in this world you live in now, call to yourself the appreciation of the ecosystem, and all that help to keep it in balance. See it for what it is and for what it will evolve to when all is in a higher dimensionality. As you do this you will contribute to the rise in the ascension of life on and within earth. As you go forth in your present world, see it for what I have been telling you it will be. In doing so, you will be already creating it as is destined. You will have great part in the ascension. You are already living it, by stepping forth and regaining your power in the freedom that it takes to realize your abilities to create your world as you see fit.


It is all about being part of it. So much can be done through the use of your eternal Mind. You are waking up to what you are capable of and what you once did in your evolutionary progress. In this way you will see that the lives you have been living on Gaia have been part of the plan in which you placed yourselves in the positions of being who you are not, for reason. You stepped forth in bravery and in that to be able to grow even more than you had already accomplished. You knew that to fall back as far as you could without losing yourself completely would not only be a giant experience, it would also be a giant leap forward from the falling back that has never been explored before.


At times it may feel like you and others have fallen too far. Realize if that were so, you would not exist any more. You have so much power to make that leap! You are in the process now. Canít you feel it? Isnít it right on the tip of your tongue of expression? Yes! You are doing it. You have that power and you are creating your new world as I speak. Know this as you make your next step, and the next, to that pinnacle of freedom from all boundaries. You will fly through the heavens and welcome back all of your universal family to the celebration that is awaiting your tapping into it. As you turn the knobs of evolutionary openness you will know what I am saying is the truth that you are feeling is right around the corner. It is, dear ones, it is. You are so close! Keep this in your embrace in the times to come, and you will realize that it was all a whisper of change that you have risen above.


I close this communication for now with this word. LOVE! It is everything. Keep it in your every moment. Love your days, your nights, all of the evolutionary process. You will understand why, when you are on the other side of the door and it is glowing in your image of Spirit, forevermore.


Thank you once again dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate