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This is a time for you when all of the old stuff that has been laying dormant is coming back to life enough to stimulate some unwanted emotions as it moves on out and away from your ascending energies. It is a matter of being able to recognize this and to see it as something that you can endure and that you will feel much more refreshed and lighter from the experience once it is released. Also, we are here for you in the process.


One way that you can add to the ease in which it happens is to allow yourself to take it easy when you feel like it, to sing, dance, laugh, cry, sit in contemplation and walk in the sunshine, or the shadows of the forest. Anything it takes to be able to feel the love of Mother Nature as she beams her beauty to you in a healing embrace will speed up the clearing. You will then realize how wonderful these times are and what it means to be undergoing this metamorphosis. It is as if a new life is being born, and it is a wonderful time for all of you.


As this takes place on a personal level, it also is spreading across the globe and taking the old stuff into a ball of light as it drifts on out of the body of Mother Earth to be forever released and transformed to that of pure light in potential for a return in benefit to all who are in its path. What this energy will be undergoing is the same thing that is taking place with the energy that is released from your physicalness, as well as on your soul level. It is being transformed to that of a purity of creation that will be as much a part of the whole as anything else in the universe.


As the old stuff is released, being pushed out by the increasingly powerful energy of Love, the old fear based energy cannot remain, and it is sent out into its new way of being. You are seeing what takes place on an atomic level, as well as any other level of creation that is. This is what the journey back to antimatter beingness is all about. This is what you have called forth and it is taking place at an exponential rate.


As the crystalline energy throughout the body of Mother Earth awakens and begins its transmission with the universal communications it is relaying information to all of the energy that is undergoing the transformation that is necessary for the ascension process to go smoothly. All of the components of the process are in sync with one another, and as the communication continues you will be tuning in more and more, and this will begin in earnest your ability to telepathically communicate with all of life once more. You will find this more and more as you release the old stuff that is leaving you.


What will your life be like in the times to come? It will be trouble free and it will bring to you a sense of ease and joy. You will find at first that you will feel like you are dreaming and that you will wake up anytime and be back in the old world. This will lessen as you more fully open and as it feels less and less that way, it will be more and more as if you are finally returning ‘home’ after a long journey through life. You will then begin to see how you can build your new world and what it will be like to see your world in a state of euphoria. It will become the natural way of being.


There will come a time when you will remember less and less about the feelings and emotions of today. It will be a matter of living the present emotions and feelings of positivety and only remembering the information that it was different once long ago. It will be a vague memory of the knowledge that it was different from what it is at this time that is coming that I speak of.


It will be as sitting in on a class of history where you know that it was part of the process that you undertook in order to be where you are today. That is the value of this whole experience. It is a learning that you have undertaken and it will be of value in the coming times. You will be able to build your new world knowing how it is best done and how you can bring all of your wisdom and understanding into the building of your new world on planet earth and elsewhere in the universe.


You are the builders of a whole new way of being, my dear ones, and as you go through the process that is ahead of you, at times it will be as if in one moment it was that the process is ahead of you, and then in the next moment it will be as a memory and you will have the knowledge that it gave you to put into use as you take the next step and the next.


It is a time of joy for all of you, for as you realize more deeply that you are creating a miracle in your lives, you will also know that it is no accident; that you are capable of doing anything that you desire and can fathom in your Mind of Minds. You do this through your hearts and souls, dear ones, and as you do it, is written on the wind and through the annals of time the rewards that are surfacing and coming your way in every moment of existence for the rest of your evolving lives.


I am Sananda, and I join you in the new times. We will dance and sing and bless each other in the creations that we will express together as a whole, knowing each other fully and with Love. We are doing that now on a level that awaits your conscious realization. And so it is Now and Forevermore.


Thank you Dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate