February 04, 2011               Click Here for Printable, Click Here for Espanol


The Collective


We are here today to tell you of a time that is coming up very soon when there will be no more wars and no more adversity on your planet. We speak to you of this because we see it now, in our vision it is already established. This is the loveliness of no time. It is but what we all make of it and this brings the toll of duality to a close.


You are already on your way to this timelessness, and as you progress further in the creative state that you are enjoying now, it will grow and become the way of life for you. It will not only be what creates your world it will be what generates the newness of every moment in your conscious reality.


We address now what is taking place on earth in order o provide a mirror by which you can see how all of the events that are spreading around the planet have effect on you. The storms of the northern hemisphere are also producing storms on the other side of the planet and they are co-operating one with the other. It is a matter of not one being the attractor of the other, but of a simultaneous reaction one to the other, from the universal attraction that is taking place and affecting the whole of the system.


When one trouble spot pops up in expression so too do others as a wave of magnetism corresponds with the frequency of intent and that produces the storms and upheavals that can be prevalent with the changes that are taking place throughout the universe. There cannot be changes such as these in one part of the universe without all of the universe having some co-operative effect. That is one of the Laws of the Universe.


With you seeing this and feeling it within you, there is a way that you can have effect on it all. You can see it as part of the metamorphosis of the universe and treat it as if it is what it is and not apply emotion or resistance to it. You can have effect on how it applies in your life and in that way you also have effect on the rest of it. We do not say that the measure of the effect that you have is enormous; we say that it is as you experience it in your own life and that is not something that can be gauged according to the relevancy it has on the rest of creation. It is what it is, and that is enough.


As you go through these times of change and see what is taking place, you experience remorse, compassion and a love for all of humanity, all of life for it is all affected. This is part of the Love energy that you emit, and that is perfect. What you then do is allow that emotions to flow itself on to the furtherance of itself to the neutral energy of Love for all there is. Allow it to be able to emit forth the powerful energy that you have within to assist the planet, all life on it, and the rest of the Universe to the forward moving evolvement that is taking place.


You rise above the emotion that can stagnate and prolong the sitting in it. You know how to see the bright light of Love beyond what is taking place on your planet and to know that as the events work themselves out they will clear the way for the ease in which you create your new world in the vision of the perfection that creation can bring as refection of your intent. The love that lives in your heart beams forth with every breath you take. You constantly create in your world the intent of the moment. The knowledge of this can be so powerful as to make changes in your life so incredible that you will awaken to what you once thought impossible and now realize is the natural way of being for you.


We see your power and we feel it so wonderfully. We know that you are opening up to the wisdom with which you will create your life as was intended from the beginning. You will be living the perfection of your desire and it will resound throughout the universe is a chord that is so beautiful as to reverberate throughout the beingness of all of Creation.


Go now to your day and see that it is yours in creation with every moment. Live your creation and love all that it entails. We are The Collective from the Universal Voice, and we Love all that you do in the name of the Love and Light that you are. Know that this is the interim part of the Creation of your intent. Bells will resound throughout the universe and you will dance and sing through life everlasting.


Thank you Dear Collective,

Love, Nancy Tate