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Today I bring you links to a wonderful website, Raptor Resource which a dear friend in Iowa introduced to me. As I was viewing the two youtubes I have included the urls to here, I began to hear the opening words of todayís Wake up Call, and I knew I had a wonderful message coming for all of us from the world of wonderful feathered angels. You may want to tune in and listen to the wonderful music of Yanni as you read the words below, after you have watched the eagles tell us of how to build our world. You will see many other youtubes of their process and the world they build. I have included in the message today a poem I wrote in 1997 that fits in well with the message today. Enjoy!


On this first link you will see the place at the upper left-hand corner of the page to go to the youtube page, or click on these other two links to get there.






The Eagle


This is what it is to rebuild a new world, a painstaking process that involves twisting and tying, laying and placing. The moving and putting in place once more, a different way, a different feeling to the way it is beneath the feet. What did our forefathers on this great planet do? What did they experience in the process of building, shaping, planning our world? What did our forefathers do to plan this new universe in which we now explore our inner joys and sorrows, our outer examples of what we can do and canít make work? What is our design in this universe? Does it reflect this intricacy of the nest in the branches over the white silence of the area below and around us?


What do we do with our time if it is not to slowly, with painstaking accuracy lay in place all that makes up the world that we cherish, or hold apart from us? What of the world that we call our own, while at the same time we search far out from its corners to other worlds, other peoples? Is this the reason for the enrapturing of the human mind with that of the bald eagle flying free, or holding on to the nests that bear the offspring that one day will soar far from the nest and build their own fledgling world that springs forth in many new births of expression?


Are we not those bald eagles springing forth and then settling in with the prize of the day, carrying forth the abundance collected for the sustenance of the day? Do we not send further our love and our cries of togetherness as the sustenance is devoured and then laid to rest within? Give us this day our daily bread and then let us do with it as we will. Allow us to spread our wings and feather the nest with new growth surrounding our offspring with the fetters of our daily soaring and settling in.


We find you and then we loose you. You surprise us as you fly in and welcome us to your bounty. Then you soar off again to leave us with your memory, so that we may search for what we know is everlasting beauty. As the world turns round and eagles fly, we find ourselves among the branches of the trees settling into our own nests and building our lives in the shadows of all the others such as we dream. There is no ending to this tale, for what is now continues as we make it; and as we make it so too do they.



The New Eagle


As foretells the coming of dawn,

The new eagle rose

Over the mountaintops;

Freedom the choice,

Bliss the result.

The fledglings test their flight.

A whimper, then the best of happenings.

Soaring, reaching

Far and away;

As far as the imagination can take them.

What order of things arises

When wild abandon

Takes over?

Complete and utter oneness

With the very best

Of lifeís treasures.



Nancy Tate, 1997


Thank you dear Bald Eagles,

Love, Nancy Tate