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We are in a time now more than ever when we have to go within and trust our own discernment; that is vital to be able to stand forth and create our world in the way in which we intend for all of us. No longer do we have to look outward for our wisdom and understanding, for more and more people are discovering that they have that inner guidance and love that supersedes all of what is outside of us.


When we read something that does not resonate with us, then we are listening to what we know is truth on a scale that far surpasses the obvious outer example of what can be created when we forget who we truly are and what we are capable of doing.


True, it is a process that we are going through and that we will find at times to be trying and a challenge to rise above. However we truly can rise above the anger and frustration that can come from an experience such as the Haitian earthquake. We can see that there is more to anything that happens than what is on the surface. Gaia sees her people and sees what must be done in order for the awakening to progress in a way that did not take place on Maldek. She sees that there is a wholeness that will not be forfeited this time, and that no matter what this is a time for bringing it all back together and in alignment with the Creator.


I am the soul of Maldek, and I am here now speaking with Gaia through you. I am seeing that the utmost respect and admiration for what many are doing in the relief movement for the millions of Haitians left to rebuild with all of mankind are one and the same of those who were thrown out into the universe when my body was blown apart and cast out into the orbit that now is readying itself for the grand re-assemblage of that from which it came. I am preparing for the re-emergence of the soul of earth with mine, and that will be the new earth.


I speak now of dimensionality and of a new way of being. Not only are all of the peoples of earth their souls of this twin of mine going to become one again with their twin flames, so too will Gaia and I return to the Oneness from which we were catapulted and have been in separation for all of these millennia. We are readying ourselves, as are you, for the coming together of all of us, and we are finding that those who leave the earth in the events that send them back to the dimensionality from which they came are celebrating the re-emergence of the original Being of the coming ascension.


They look upon the scene from which they so recently left and they send their love and assistance to those who are left behind, carrying the enormous burden of rebuilding. They are the ones who have volunteered to stay and face the process that is in their choice. They are the ones who are being supported and cheered on by their family in the heavens and by all of us who are a part of this tremendous transition to the return to a way of being that is what it was, and more.


Yes, it will be, in fact, already is more than it was, for in this vast experience of separation, duality, we have come so far from what we were in expression from the beginning that we will begin the new phase of this life in a way that will not only knock your socks off, it will be a step in a direction that will enable you to go unabated into the new world and create all and anything that you intend and desire.


Gaia and I will be one again on a soul level and the earth that we embody will be a whole new sphere dimensionally that will host the new generation of beings who rise from this turmoil and rebuild their lives in a way that will glow and send that glow forth into the universe in a way that will unite all that is in a spectacle that is so awesome that it will shine forth throughout all of eternity.


Rest assured my dear ones, that this will come. Gaia must take some measures in this and must allow others theirs, for she sees what took place on Maldek in the mirror of my soul, as well as yours. She sees that her separation from me was destined, and that as we all come together once more we will realize what had to be done was done. Some of the things seemed to be and were so far removed from the purity of the Light and Love as to seem to be evil and completely apart from the Light and Love.


However my dear ones, I tell you now that if that were so that they were completely apart and separate from the Creator, then they would not be able to return, and they would already be gone from your midst. Realize that they will not be with you in the coming unity; not until they have gone back and begun their return will they be able to emerge as a new angel and walk with you once again, as they did at the beginning.


Yes, they walked with you into this journey, and they knew their tasks would not be in tune with what they came from. But they knew that their return to the Light would not be impossible. They knew that The Creator Source is all-Loving and all-Forgiving and that even though they may have to go their own way for a while on their journey back, they would be given the chance. They knew it would be up to them, and that they would eventually either return to the original spark of Light, or they would overcome the separation idea and be reunited with their Family of existence.


So now my dear ones, whom I have watched over the millennia, I am readying myself for our reunion. I am going to provide such a feast of Light and Love as you all come and sit at my table with Gaia and all of Heaven at your beck and call. We will send out Love and Light to those who are not able to join us and we will prepare for the eventual return to our midst the ones who have strayed so far as to have gotten lost in their own roles and forgetfulness of who they are.


Remember, the most powerful way for forgiveness to come is through oneself, for we are all one, and if any part of us has strayed so far away as to not be able to find its way back, then we hold a light in the window and await their return to our table for the feast. In the meantime, we live our lives to the fullest and we know that we create in the name of the Creator and in the energy of Love.


Thank you dear Maldek,

Love, Nancy Tate