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There has been for some time a great deal of controversy about the kind of government that is ruling the world at this time. Due to the developments at this time there are drastic changes taking place that will reverberate throughout the world and will change the way the governments operate forever.


It is a matter of all of you seeing the best for your lives and knowing that through these next troubled times what you have done in the past several years to hold an energy of peace and forthrightness has been the moving force behind the details of what is taking place this day.


Long ago there was a deed done that changed the course of history forever. This deed brought about the destruction of the changing of the guard and brought about a dire energy that continues to this day. As the events that perpetrated it developed it added to the intensity with which all that was done underground became the moving force for the ones who kept the momentum going in the direction that it was going up until eight years ago.


Yes, eight years ago was when the momentum reversed itself. It began to turn to the light and bring itself back to the original intent. Yes, the intent for the destiny of the planet had been turned and brought into a black hole. In this black hole was the energy of destruction and with the advent of the tides of change, the course that was taking place accelerated and became almost unstoppable.


I say almost unstoppable because nothing can stop the growth toward love. Nothing can be more powerful than the people’s intent to keep love at the foremost. Love is non-destructible because it is at the core of all there is. Love moves everything, and if that were not so nothing would move. The element of fear is for everything to stop and become dead. Love is always at the helm when anything is moving. That means that when there is movement there is love and the potential for bringing around the momentum for peace, joy and love to remain supreme in the hearts and minds of all of existence.


Keep in mind that there is now a movement that speaks of love in a way that explains how to activate your abilities for freedom, self-empowerment and creativity. With this Mushaba Force energy in place, as it has been for all of your existence, and working in every moment, now you are able to access any answer to any question that may arise. You can activate the very presence of Spirit in your being with the mere thought of it. You can be that Light of love at any moment in any movement that you make. You are that Light and love and now you are able to consciously feel it and work with it to bring your world around to the wonderful one that is living so strongly in your hearts. All you need do is smile and see the world as your oyster, and then go about claiming it.


You will see your world turn around as is reflected in your thoughts. With this disclosure coming to the people of the world, you will find that there is a believability that is inherent in the people. With the energy that disclosure will attract there will be many who will open up with the news, for with the word from the populace that there is indeed more to this universe than a few planetary systems and the populace of earth, then they will immediately begin their journey back to themselves. When the news is broadcast and presented by the leaders of the world, then it will be supported by those who know that they are not alone in this universe and that we are on the verge of welcoming back to our hearts the rest of the story.


I go now and I see for you all a wonderful new awakening to what is real and what is awaiting your embrace. With the events that are coming up and that have recently happened, we are helping to bring to a close this time of backward spiraling out of control. We are seeing you all send out your beautiful energy of love and making the difference that had to come about.


You are now irreversibly beyond where you where when you were catapulted away from the broken planet Maldek, and now you are on your way home to the planet that is your Mother and Father at the same time. You are home and you have the rest of the universe as your backyard. Watch it grow in love and remind you of who you are and what you are capable of. We are here for you and we love what you represent, for it is Us and it is You in league with The Creator. I am Hatonn, and I am with you all.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate