February 14, 2008              





Wake up Call: Sananda Feb 14, 08


On this day of love and fond wishes for everyone, I come to tell you a story about my life as Jesus on earth. I come to tell you a story of love and of guidance from within, for there is the greatest source of love that you can ever carry around and tap into. That is your deep and abiding connection to the Love of All times, the purity of that which empowers everything and everyone in all of existence.


On this day one hundred and eleven years ago there lived a man who had a story to tell, and no one who would listen to him. He paraded his story in front of anyone with whom he came in contact, for the message of his story he wore on his countenance. He looked and acted as the earlier depictions of Jesus, and yet he was not listened to, for he was considered an imposter by all those whom he encountered.


One day he met a child on the road. This child gave him a look that caused him to raise his head just enough to see a tear escape her eyes and roll down her cheek. As the tear neared her sweet lips he heard a sound coming from them as they opened into a heart shaped grin. As the words echoed forth through his being, he knew that he was hearing the words of ancient times; the words that Jesus once spoke as he wandered through the desert and spoke with the people.


He heard the words, “You are following the idea that there is no God. You are saying to yourselves that you do not exist in those words, for with the Word of God, you do exist. Is there any doubt that there is a heaven and an earth in your lives? There is a ground upon which you walk and there is a sky upon which you gaze in search of who knows what. There is something that supercedes everything, and that is that there is nothing that cannot be challenged and nothing that cannot know the changes that are desired.”


“As you go through life and you see what it is that flows in front and behind, you are creating in the image of yourself as you live in the Light of the Christ. There is nothing any larger than that which is within, for there you will find all of the inspiration for all that there is. There is nothing that you cannot do that lives in your heart and springs forth from the truth that is always, ever in your being.”


The girl then looked into the eyes of the man and smiled. Her smile was as huge as the sun in the sky. Her eyes twinkled with all of the radiance of the stars as they shine in the night. All of the troubles that held the man down, and walked with him through his misery, lifted and swarmed above both of them.


The girl’s eyes then held the message that set him free. She looked into his eyes and past the shield that kept him captive from his soul. He heard the words of truth that could no longer be hidden from his heart. “Thou art lonely and thou art blue. Thou can come and see my though this time of sorrow and this time of fear, all you need do is hold me near. For I come to you in the eyes of innocence. I come to you with the tears of truth and the wonder of time gone by.”


“How many times did you travel through your fears only to see the light that shone forth from within go unbounded through the annals of time? How often do you carry the burden of mankind, and look to them to release you from it? Now is the time to walk upright and shine forth that which is not represented on the outside, but from within and that tells the story of that which is eternal?”


“Go forth now in the innocence and truth of a child and know that as you do people will see the real you and not the image of me or anyone else. For the image is the mirror through which all is seen. The image is but a shadow of what is truly lived within. Within is the compilation of all of existence, and you can walk forth with that image spoken in any language that the ones who gaze upon you care to read. For it is your world and it is theirs and we are all one in the image of the Christ.”


“That is the image that is given to the bearers of the truth, for that is what all of mankind is. The bearers of the truth that speaks forth in the image that represents the Word of all there is. This brings us to the Mushaba force that is another Word of the Christed beings and more. It is the follow-up to the stars and the sun. It is the eternal flame that generates all that is before you. It is the energy of that which is love and that which is created in the image of the Creator that lives within each and every creation of the source.”


“Go now and create in the image of that Love, for that is what lives within, and projects on your countenance. All those who gazed upon your face and saw that which they turned away from were not ready to see that which you shone forth to them. They saw what they thought was my face, yet in your eyes they saw their own countenance giving them pause to consider again what they are all about.”


“As they walked away from your pleading eyes, they saw the truth that lives within their own hearts. They were given the invitation to see the truth as it exploded within their own knowingness and to take careful consideration that they too walked with the countenance of Jesus and presented that challenge to all of mankind. They feared the blasphemy that was told that they would commit, yet they pleaded, “Be still my fearful mind, for the words are those of Satan, not of me.”


“As the fear cleared away and the truth of those fears melted into oblivion they knew that there was only one truth. They knew that no matter what takes place on the outside, in the world they build and live in, there is only love taking place in the evermore. And that is where they can go for the sustenance needed to go forth and create the image of heaven on earth. This is what they learn and this is what they see for themselves, as you walk amoung them and know of their gift to themselves.”


The man stood in silence and looked around him. He gazed then at the heavens and saw the light that shone forth for his appreciation. He then looked at the child beside him and saw himself. He knew that he walked with the truth of eternal love. From that day forth he walked with his villagers and didn’t ask anything of them. He gave to them his love and words that spoke forth in his way of being. They all turned a different eye to him and saw only the light of unconditional love. They welcomed him into their lives and nevermore was there the idea of him and them, for he was a part of their lives as were they of his.


Dear ones, on this day of love expressed for others, don’t forget yourselves. With this recognition of who you are comes the freedom to be just that. You are no more and no less than another and the love that shines forth on this day from your countenance is there every day of your life. Look into the eyes of another and see yourself looking back. See the love that lives within and know it to be truth. Then walk in that truth for all eternity, for it is who you are and the Word is Love.


Thank you dear Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate