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My dear ones, I am back for a time with all of you for I have finished with my intercessions with the projects I was engaged with in Bolivia. As the times settle into a difference to truth, I bring to you an energy of input that decrees the implanting of a message into your psyche. It is one that will be taken through your own Divine Free Will and implemented in your course from this point on. It is that of the ability you have to know and recognize the truth as you see it displayed before your eyes, the ones inner and outer as well.


With this newly opened ability to see more of what you have kept hidden all of this journey you will be able to support more fully your travel through the rest of this phase of ascension and on into the next part of the plan. You will be able to utilize the attributes of ascension and rebuild this planet and your life on it in a way that not only serves you, but the universe as well.


Allow me to speak on this subject for a spell. The universe was created, as you know through a divine decree from The Creator, for the purpose of bringing this whole plan into being. All of the parts and facets of the plan have been carefully scrutinized and set into place for expression by the council of the Source in Creation. This council set forth the abundant potential for the creation of all of the aspects of the plan, and in so doing created the ideas that were brought forth by the God/Goddess of Creation into a format that was to have given all of life at this time its own unique ability to speak forth its destiny in the way that had been set down at the beginning of Creation.


This plan has already been introduced to you, and it is now my turn to bring this to your attention. I speak of the MUshaba Force. This is filled with and made up of an energy that comprises the potential for all of you to express in your innate and unlimited freedom and empowerment. It gives you the insight to wear this Force with a dignity and a joyousness that personifies the very being that you are, from the Source of all there is.


How this translates for all of you is that within each of you there is an energy that gives forth signals that are constantly talking to you, repeating on a simultaneous level the truths of each moment from which you go forth in life and experience the very expression for which you are destined. You are given the signals constantly for the movements that you make and this is fueled by the very essence of the Mushaba Force.


I realize that many of you are wary of any new ideas and names coming into your lives right now. You have gotten quite aware of and used to the various names of the facets of Creation and to hear this name now when you are at such an advanced state of awareness can present an arena for discernment. I encourage you all to that discernment, for with that scrutiny you can open up to the truths that are held in the Mushaba Force. With this dedication to truth you can find a place in your awareness for this new name, or you can discard it for your own reasons. This in no way removes it from your being, for it is a part of you that has always been with you. It is an idea whose vibration has now come of age and with it comes the readiness for you to acknowledge how it appears in your life and when you will utilize it, if you choose to consciously do so.


This is a time for all of you to amass that which you have brought to your inner knowing. It is a time for you to separate the truth from the created ideas of ego, and to incorporate all that you care to into your knowingness. There may be some surprises along the way, and in such a case you will be able to sort through and find what to do with anything that is present. That is the power of you, exercised in the freedom you always have to make decisions freely and without bias. Remember that always, your decisions are yours, and that has always been and always will be.


This brings me to a topic of timely interest, for today is a day when the people who go to the polls will determine who will be in the running for the next president of the united States of America. The choices are being made as I relay this to you, and as they are being made, we are monitoring the progress and the manner in which the votes are being recorded. We are making sure that all is done according to the free will of the people, and that the destined results of this poll will be followed. Remember that point as the news of the results are broadcast. Remember that the destined result will take place.


Can you come to a place in your knowing where you realize that what is brought forward with any action, though it may not seem to be the way that is best for all concerned, is according to itís destined travel? Can you realize that the bigger picture can hold a few muddy spots and tend to dismay, or repulse you as you gaze upon it? Can you also upon closer scrutiny see that those muddy areas may well cover slightly a color that is spectacularly beautiful and shining in its scope?


If so, then you are seeing beyond the obvious and into the destined outlook of the master plan. Remember, as you say on earth, Rome was not built in a day, and as the pieces fall into place the heralding of a brand new day may take more dawnings than had thought would be necessary. I ask all of you to hold a bright shining intent for the truth to be revealed for the outcome of this day, for it holds many promises for the awakening of the people, and that awakening may not come with the light of the new day, however it will come. Hold in your hearts that knowledge and walk forth in the solidity of that truth.


Before I go I share with you the news that is breaking over the horizon this moment. A new way of being is within you and as you feel that resonate through your being, you are resounding that promise of unity throughout the universe. All in the universe are hearing you as you speak forth your message of truth to them. They hear you say that you know what will come to bear in the next months, and you see the light at the end of the dark road. You are awakening at such a speed that all of the universe is sitting up even closer and watching your progress. They are holding you in their love and the ultimate truth is being beamed throughout the existence of Creation.


The MUshaba Force holds you in its light and love and sees you as perfection, for that is who you are. Gather yourselves to a new beginning and know that as you go along you write the book and play the parts that create the grand entrance into the heaven of your expectations, and more. Grand it is! Raise the banner of freedom and know that all is well.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate