Wakeup Call Message
February  23, 2006


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  The Creator 


I Am right here by your side giving gifts wiping tears and telling you how much I love you. I AM going places that you go. I AM picking flowers and giving them to you to ease the burdens of your life. I love the way that you love the birds and the trees and the children as they play in the parks. This is your day, and this is my day, and together we spring victorious and ascend our way unto the stars.


Come now my children and see the rainbows among you. See the light that shines forth from the eyes of your loved ones. See the light that shines forth from thine enemies and they shall be enemies no more. Give yourself the gift of everlasting life and you shall walk with all who see and appreciate that you are the oneness of Spirit and all is perfect in the world.


I come to you today in the shadow of a song. I come and I dance with you through the loving embrace of the tide as it washes on the sands of time. I give to you the cushion upon which to rest your weary mind as it tells me of its woes. Speak no more of the travesty of your soul, for when you look again it is pure and golden, rich in its purity and bound in its intent for eternal bliss.


I come with a song that sings through the heavens and reverberates through all of kingdomdon. I wash the dirt from the feet of man and I see the love with which man takes his newfound freedom and soars to the heights of the truth that is inherent through Me.


I touch your hearts and I watch you float through the heavenly abode that I have built for you. You cover the bed with a quilt of finest silk and a pillow of finest feathers of gold dust and myrrh. This is the way of the richness of The Creator, for He loves and lives in your heart, and She sings Her song of peace on the wings of the snow-white dove, ever encircling the world with her message.


Come with me to the fields of war and lay down the sword giving your self to the nuances of peace that whispers from the dying. I give you my life so that all of mankind can live and find peace forevermore. This is a deed I signed up for, so cry not for me too hard lest you forget that you have been given a freedom through my death. This is the legacy I give to you and in the end I shall be right there beside you walking with God and singing my song of rebirth throughout the land.


Go now into this day my dear ones and see the light that pours forth from the shadows. This light is dim, yet it can be seen, and as you look upon it, see it grow and see it encircle the earth with its splendor. It is My glow and it is yours. We are all one for I am the Creator and you are as well. Together we shall go into eternity and we shall weep no more, for the love shall reign in the halls of infamy and all shall be in perfect harmony and Grace forever more.


Thank you dear Supreme Creator,

Love, Nancy Tate