Wakeup Call Message
February  28, 2006


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My dear ones when you go to sleep at night where do you go? Do you go into a peaceful slumber and find the way to be strong and sure? Or do you toss and turn and try to find a peaceful thought to while away the moments until sleep beckons? With this time of challenge and news that can bring distress and worry I suggest that you tune out the world and fine your haven in the thoughts of love and the calm memories of days when you had it all. Days of long ago when you were a child and dreamt of fairies and puppy dogs and ice cream cones on a warm summer day. Enter the peacefulness of sleep in this way.


I AM Sananda, and I come this day to bring to you a bit of comfort in these days of strife. Though these events that cloud the airwaves and bring confusion and doubt to the masses seem to be very real, when you look and listen again, see them with an eye to the inner truth, you find that they are all part of the illusion that is being played out in the throes of the end times in which we are all immersed.


Believe the whispers that come from your soul saying that with but a bit more of perseverance you will be on the other side of this. Your inner voice knows that in these times there is a forward rushing of all that can be expunged from the negative energies of earth and mankind. As these illusions play themselves out you will find that there is an increase of even more that makes you exclaim, “How much more? It is unbelievable that people cannot see the craziness in all this!”


Take back your peaceful feeling. Hold that peaceful thought, for it is your grounding with the universe. Seek the ones who sit in peace and joy and follow their inspiration to that of your own. Play in the fields of daisies as they show themselves in your mind. Then as they bloom forth in the meadows go and dance, bringing the magic of love to your heart. See the beauty in all that you encounter, and sway with the breeze as the trees dance their song of unity with the winds of love.


When you feel that this is all too much to bear, stop and turn around. Look at the one by your side, or on the other side of the street. Really see this person and see the light that shines forth from the eyes of love. Whether this person has a name known to you or not, this person is your brother or your sister. There lives love; there lives life in unity and in joy. Bring this feeling of love and joy to your moment and then go on in a new lightness that speaks of the Light in everything that is.


This is the way to get through the moments that try man’s souls. This is the freedom to be who you are and find the peaceful resolution that brings you to a state of joy. You are the master of your world, and in that world you are creating in love and with the mastery that is inherently you.


As you go through your day today and every day, find the moments of love and joy. Cherish them and create from them who you are in love and in light. This is the time for all of us to join and sing the praises of The Creator, and the song is sweet, and the song is sure, and the song brings you all to Heaven’s door, and beyond into infinite Joy.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate