Wakeup Call Message
February  14, 2006


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Sananda brings you this Valentine greeting:


My dear ones of the New Planet Earth, this is a day for you when all is taken for a lost cause for some, and for others there is a huge amount of sunshine and joy being transmitted forth from every corner of the universe.


Can you feel it? Do you know what it means? It means that even those who feel the lost cause are about to jump into the unknown and surrender their ego to the Light of The Creator.


Yes, that is what is taking place right now. When the bell tolls for the coming home of all the angels of earth, there will be a resounding ring that will reverberate in the hearts of all of mankind. This resounding will echo through the layers of the universe and bring forth all of the glory that is the God of all things.


Weep no more, and swing on the series of stars that light your way to joy. This is a coming home to yourselves, and though the outer world may look bleak, blink your eyes and look again, for that is as fast as it will happen.


Go now to your various places and be in line for the abundance that is being doled out to every man, woman and child in this instant. Never mind what the outer looks like. Accept the gifts of the Magi and weep no more, for the trials of man are soon to be over.


On this day of Love we promise you that there is to be a resounding that will bring all of the love together, and this will peal through the ages as the sounding of the bells of the coming of the New Golden Age. All will ring with the truth that you on this day hold in reverence for the coming of the age that is around the bend.


Love is yours and you are bringing the nuances of all that means to the front to be recognized. Hold true to your goals and know that in this moment there is undivided truth taking place in the hearts and souls of all of you.


Truth Be the Love that lives in the heart of the Holy. Peace Be with you in your heart of hearts. Love is the answer; know it and be glad.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate