Wakeup Call Message
February  21, 2006


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  St. Germain 


My dear ones, as I sit and ponder what is taking place on your world today, I realize that in the course of the events that propel you toward the accomplishment of your ideals, you sometimes find the going to be more than you had bargained for. This is to be expected, for in the course of these events that try men’s souls there is a built in resilience to that which tries and fails to take precedence over your light and that of your fellow man.


 I AM St. Germain, and in this message I bring to you the exemplary position that you take to combat these energies of overwhelming veracity, and to bring yourselves to a place of triumph over the supposed adversity that seeks to delve into your subconscious and divert you from your path.


This diversion cannot happen, for it is built into the plan and no one or nothing can overcome this step. There are those who would seek to convince you that you are natural puppets in this game, and that your role is to be subservient to their cause.


You know this not to be true, and you know also that there is a place deep within their souls that knows this not to be true as well. This is the part of their soul that you can come into contact with and recognize, so that they have that connection in their field of potential. With this connection, they can feel the spark and find the opportunity for reconnection at a point in time when the energies on which they rely are no longer present for them.


Theirs is a lonely street, for they are finding that more and more the procession that at one time paraded past their door is no longer the proportion, or the magnitude that it once was. This is because the light of mankind is expressing more and more in the way that takes precedence in the new world.


As the energies of the Christ impact all of mankind, there is a quickening taking place that shows itself in every aspect of life on earth. With the coming times, this will reveal the untruths that have been prevalent on the planet for eons and in the wake of the death of the untruths will be the ashes from which the truths shall be revealed.


In the coming times humanity will see the repeat of specific historical facts come to be assessed and relived as is deemed appropriate. In these repetitions man will decide the validity of these events and will lend their interpretation to them as befits the time and the associations of those times with these.


As I see the progressions that are taking place on earth today, I see a pattern unfolding and beginning to lose its strength of repetition. I see the awareness of the patterning taking hold and breaking the chain. There is an awakening that is refusing the allowance of this repetition, and in so doing it is creating anew in expression of the energy of potential that has been lying in wait for millennia.


As time sped on and took shape in the mannerisms of change, these energies of potential took form in the expected manner. Gradually as the earth moved toward this time of no time these energies of potential emptied themselves and rendered themselves as blank slates on which history was being recorded as it momentarily gave way to the next moment. This was the expression of the moment in the timelessness of the universe. The time of earth had already begun its movement to the center and the eventual abolishment of time, as you knew it.


This was the result of the intent potential for the ascension energies to find focus within the potential of mankind. Now is the time when this is taking place. We are in those times of instant potential and the expressing of that potential as it is born.


Thinking of what this means to society on earth, you can now see that there is a moment in which you create and then that moment is recorded in potential as the next springboard from which to create. As the potential expresses so too does the history of that potential. This is the time in which all that is intended on earth is manifested and brought to import throughout all of time and all of non-time.


What does this mean to you who are creating this expression in potential? It means that when you have a thought, you create the expression of it in two ‘places’. You create it in potential and in the moment, which is the history of the potential. Why is it valuable for you to understand this? Think of what your thoughts have already manifested, and then think of what they can manifest and what your intent is for manifestation.


Then think again, and this time with pure intent, divine intent, for you are Divine beings manifesting in the intent that is you. Now apply this to your world and realize that your world is entirely the result of your thoughts, your intent and the manifestation of the history of your potential.


Go now into your day and take a break along the way to tune in to your thoughts and feelings, for your feelings are the moving energies that manifest that which is in potential, through your thoughts and from your intent. You are the creators, and you are powerfully expressing in the Divinity that is you.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,


Nancy Tate