Wakeup Call Message
February  16, 2006


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  St. Germain 


Good morning my dear ones, I AM St. Germain once more, and on this day I wish to convey the message of honesty and forthrightness that I Am seeing in the world today. Yes, it seems that this is an issue of grave importance in these times, and well it would seem to be. However, on the other side of the spectrum we are seeing something else. We are seeing that as the incidences of deception spring forth and look as though it is out of control, there is an equal and fast growing forward of the incidences of truth-telling coming forth to tip the scales in the direction of the Light.


Realize, dear ones that this is unprecedented in the annals of time, for always before where there was greed and deception there was a degree of truth that evenly balanced in order to retain the sleepiness of those on the planet. This has changed and with the flowing forth of an increased rate of truth there is a flowing in of energies to support it.


Give me a chance to explain something and then I will go on with more news of importance to the planet. In the uncovering of the limits that have been endowed upon humanity there have been a number of incidences that would serve to weigh in the direction of the dark end of the spectrum. These occurrences have served to unveil certain pieces of information that are lacking in today’s awareness. As this comes to the front there are particular people who are being affected by this, and though they know not why, they are finding themselves absolutely having to tell the truth at all times, when in the past they found ways to justify even the tiniest of white lies.


This is bringing about the unbalance that is surely leading to the state of matter that has to go one way or another, to a purely positive, or a purely negative state. As this process, which is affected by the photon belt, continues we see a process that will culminate in what is known as ionization. This in turn changes the state of matter to an anti-matter state. From this state springs the ability to ascend to lightbody status while retaining the physicalness in a whole new state.


All this is part of what is taking place on earth right now. This progression to the ionization of matter is the first stage in the process. We see this exemplified in the activities that give it away to us, even if we could not see the energetic repatterning that is taking place. This is a momentum that is on a fast-forward and it will not stop until it has reached critical mass, and your lightbody status is achieved.


Now I will bring you some news that is pertinent to what is taking place in the government and military of the USA. As the soldiers are preparing for war in Iran, and it is surely taking place that this is a planned event, there are also those who behind closed doors are planning a counter move. As these two opposing forces shut down and wind up their deliberations, a peace making power takes over. These two opposing forces take on a vibration that together reinforce the message of peace, for with the opposing forces continuance to bring about their particular end, there is an ionization beginning that will bring to the equation an idea of neutrality that will bring about the end of the war idea.


Remember that love, which begets peace, is the natural state of being. Anything that comes from fear, or the negative polarization goes against the positive, or love. Since love is truth, there is to be a grand explosion of truth that will override the other idea, that of war, or fear based activity. As this comes about there can be no arena in which war can take place, for with the energy of truth, there can be nothing else.


This is the time of the merging of the two opposing forces. This is the period of time in which we are seeing the steady mounting of what appears to be inevitable war. This is part of the process, my dear ones. This is the ending of the forces that go against truth. Now what I am about to share with you may be a bit of a stretch for you to comprehend, however rest assured there is a part of your being that knows this already.


What we are seeing now is the re-enactment of the energies that plummeted earth and humanity into the darkness of duality. We are seeing a coming round of all things to a climactic resolution. With the stepped up activity of preparations for war in Iran, we are seeing the culmination of all that has come before and after. We are seeing the deception in its final throes, and as it continues to speak itself into the language of the illusion we may even see the war take place in a realm that is neither illusion nor truth.


What is this realm? It is the realm of ionization, the realm of now time and now manifestation of the energy of matter. This is part of the illusionary world that has been created on earth, and therefore will be experienced by those of you who have chosen to ring in this reality in your world. This also represents the other world that sees an unending preparation, but no actual war. This can be a stretch for many of you to understand this seeming dichotomy. However, there is one more reality that will be present here, and that is that some of you will not only not see any war, as well you will see a world that is reaping the rewards of peace and beginning to rebuild in a way that brings a new way of being to the planet.


What I am presenting to you is the three-dimensionality of the present time. This is the time in the evolution of mankind when all three dimensions are being played out simultaneously on the soils of earth. Yes, this is the time of the beginning of the progression from matter to anti-mater, which means that at the apex of this time there will come the great neutralization and the shift into ascension of earth and all who live on and within her. It is the unity of all there is on earth.


This is why I ask that as the preparations into what is deemed an invasion of Iran continue hold your peace and know that this too shall pass. With all that is taking place more and more people are awakening to the truth, and as this process of awakening takes place and swings the numbers in another direction, you will experience more and more of what you call miracles.


Hold your vision of what you intend for your life and this planet earth. Hold it no matter what the world shows you. Hold the love in your heart and soul, and see the world as being at peace and full of promise for a whole new way of being. This is the time of valuable information speaking through to the very essence of the people of the earth, and as it progresses into anti-matter there will be a decided momentary hush, and then all will transform into pure love and light.


I go now and leave you to the meanderings of your mind and soul to this message that speaks so deeply to your soul and Spirit. Your mind and your mind and even your mind, all of your minds are a part of the Universal mind; and in that truth lays the eternal knowledge of what I have spoken. Go forth in that knowledge and see your world as beautiful, peaceful and full of love. That is your destiny, and you can live it now.


Thank you dear Master S. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate