Wakeup Call Message
February  15, 2006


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St. Germain 


On top of everything thing else, there is a gradual turning to the light of the many people who have been sitting on the fence for the past twenty years. Those dear people are beginning to open up and see what the truth is about the questions that have been wearing on their minds and whispering in their souls.


Good day dear ones, I AM St. Germain and I come with a report on the people of the world and their stand on the Spiritual aspect of their lives. I see a great exodus from the forgotten avenues of wastefulness and atrocities that have been plaguing mankind for centuries. I say forgotten for as one leaves the energy of that which he is profoundly feeling a lack of divinity, he forgets what he considers to be his transgressions and allows only that which is within his realm of understanding to remain in memory.


This is built into the plan, for to allow all this to remain in one’s awareness is to take on too much of a load and to render oneself incapable of withstanding this idea of his supposed transgressions. As the people continue through the duality and face the world that mankind has created, there are parts of them that see only the 3D reality, and that gives them the ability to hang on and go through life in the manner that upholds the duality.


However at some point in that reality the associations and events that take place around him take on a whole new connotation. With this different perspective there is an opening to another idea. This is the beginning of the awakening, for there is the inherent ability to see the actual truth of who one is, and to remember that this is but a chance happening into another realm that has been taking place while their Eyes are closed to the Light of Eternity.


More and more people are awakening and finding that this reality is no longer making sense to them, they look around and listen to the news reports and it all seems very unreal to them. They search their minds for some sense that they can hold onto that gives them a feeling of peace and realism. This is their first step in earnest to the part of them that stands in readiness to come into the light of day and be heard and seen by the part of them that has been sleeping all this time.


People begin to come to them to suggest another idea. Events take on a deeper meaning and they perhaps see that there is another answer besides the ones they have been content to believe. No longer is the reality of their childhood receding into the shadows. As they awaken to their oneness with the rest of the world, they remember when as a child they knew that they loved the world for it was a great playground and we all were children.


The innocence returns bit by bit, and with it comes the reality of seeing the world in a way that brings solace and understanding of what is taking place in the vastness of the sands of time. There is a decided depth to the nuances of all that takes place that has not been seen before. People begin to see the truth behind the fiction, and they take a greater stand for the peacemakers and the tyrants alike, for they see the greater plan includes them all, for the sake of the cleansing of all of the world.


We see the changes that are coming about in the hearts and minds of the people. We see the opening that is taking place around the world. We also see how that new opening is being spoken in the ways that people are addressing the issues of the day. There is more awareness, and more people are taking back the power that they once allowed to be taken from them. They are no longer burying their heads in the sand due to their vision being clouded. They are standing forth and saying “No! I will not lie down any longer!” They are sitting in their seats of power and creating changes in their lives and the lives of the oppressed on earth.


It’s a grand thing that we see from this realm. We see many of you are making the change to our realm and you are doing it in your activities on earth, in your villages, your towns, your cities, your states and your countries. You are coming to the aid of those less fortunate in a way that speaks of the teaching rather than the doing. You are making the changes in a way that supports the people as a whole as well as the individual. We are indeed seeing a mass exodus from complete insomnia to a reawakening that flows over into the reality that you are all destined for.


I say to you that this is the time for reassessment of what your world looks like. Take a good look and see what is really in front of you. You’ll be seeing with different eyes from what you saw even a week ago, for the energies are supporting this growth. It is a far clearer picture that you see as you look with your inner eyes and feel with your heart and soul the truth of what is before your eyes for it is Holy, and you are creating heaven on Earth.


We love and respect you for your journey and we stand beside you ready to assist whenever you call for us. Blessed be the journey as it evolves to the pinnacle of remembrance.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate