Wakeup Call Message
February  27, 2006


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My dear ones since I last spoke with you lots has taken place in your world to suggest that these times are trying menís souls and causing much disturbance among the hearts of the people who labor on earth and donít seem to see any results of their work.


I AM Hatonn, and I am here to reveal to you what is taking place because of your work. I AM here to open the door for you to look into, and to walk into and appreciate, for your efforts are indeed reaping rewards, and those rewards are the coming of the Sun to all of mankind.


First I will tell you that with yesterdayís energies of love and cosmic power there also came a powerful energy that many of you have referred to as the Blast of God. This is an apt name for it, for it did indeed come from The Source in mission to supply each of you with the requested and intended energy of creation that you have been calling for. Indeed, your Godselves have known that this time was to come, and in your innate wisdom you have been successful in reaching out and touching the Source with your souls and your light.


Your signatures are on the beam of light that is being sent back to you as proof that The Source energy has noted and acknowledged this request. Within this beaming of light power comes the manifestation of the next stage of development toward the ascension energies. As you sent out this request, the intent of The Source was beaming to you the timetable by which this was to happen. This was a blended event, an event that was simultaneously created by you and by The Source.


What this energy that has been beamed to you is to accomplish is to bring forth the shovel by which the remainder of your emotional residue is brought forth and transmuted to a power of discovery that will bring forth the truth of your being. This is the long awaited evolutionary process that puts you on the threshold to the New Golden Age. It is the implanting of the cosmic energy of Oneness that opens you up to the ultimate cleansing of the old energy that has held you captive for so long.


This is coming about because a number of years ago you all stated your intent to do away with the forecast Armageddon. You created a new twist to the old scenario and in this you told of the need for the expunging of the old to make way for the new. This would not include the annihilation of your bodies and souls. It meant that you would, if it was your intent, retain your physicalness and allow it to see itself expressed in your lightbody. This is what is taking place, my dear ones. This is what you have chosen and what The Source, Creator of All has sanctioned. You have brought about the acceptance and allowance of the destiny that exceeds the destiny that was to be. You have actually changed the destiny that was to have been brought upon you, and with this decision you have given the Light the go ahead to render you all set free.


My dear ones, this is the result of all your work. This is what you have accomplished through all your efforts and your energy work. This has so many ramifications as to render itself creating with every moment, for with each new moment comes a new thought of what once was not considered possible. Proof of your power in love and light is reborn with each moment, and in those moments we see heaven at its peak. There is no limit to what you can accomplish, indeed you have proven that time and again.


As I wind down this message and leave you to your day, I do so with the heartfelt love that propels me on my mission to give you the best of what and who I AM, for we are all one, and to give you any less than I give myself is to dishonor all of us. I do this with my heart in my hands, and I stand tall by your side for you are a comfort to me and a picture of the epitome of what mankind can do in the Light of The Creation.


Go now and find the expression that tells you of your perfection, for it is available to all in the voice of God and the eyes of the Holy. Godspeed and have a wonderful day of days.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate