Wakeup Call Message
February  24, 2006


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Nancy: I asked Hatonn some questions yesterday, and today I asked for more information about what he told me. I had asked him where I had gone when I saw him as God after an incident of trauma when I was three years old. He told me that I had returned to his ship, the same ship from which I came here to begin this lifetime.


Here now is that conversation, along with what he told me today.


Hatonn: You did indeed return after the previous lifetime to this ship in order to assess what you had learned. This is where most of the souls return to, this or some other of the millions of ships that are scattered throughout the universe. This place of in between times is a ship from which you return to earth to carry out another lifetime.


When you return to these ships it is in another dimension, yes. It is as has been reported by so many channels, and there is one point that has been neglected, and that is that the ships are where the assessing is done, the decision making, for the next expression. As the being is going through the various decision making phases he/she goes from parts and places on the ship, through various chambers, and even many times back to the planets that most closely match their frequencies at the time. This is for the purpose of giving the frequency expression the fullness of itself in order to completely assess the fullness of where the being is at the time in their evolvement.


Nancy: Hatonn, are you saying that when we die we go through the tunnel to a ship?


Hatonn: Yes, I am saying that. The tunnel is the passageway to the other dimensions. This is the pathway back to who you really are. It is a pathway back to your Home and family. It seems enshrouded in mists and haziness by those who experience an NDA because of their ability in that state to relate to what they have experienced in their return to the 3D reality and the amnesia they are experiencing. That is why some remember with more detail and clarity than others.


Nancy: Bob asked, does this mean that Nirvana or Summerland are actually ships?


Hatonn: The ‘places’ referred to are indeed a state of mind, as are the places of the 3D. The difference is in the density. When humans die, or leave the 3D they return to the ships and they experience the different realms while on the ships. The ships are not entirely as the 3D reality may convey. Within these ships is the opportunity, or ability to be in any state of mind intended. This means that the surroundings are what is within the reality of the mind of the one who is experiencing.


Nancy: I think I understand this. Does that mean that we expereience Nirvana, or Summerland while on the ships in our minds, that we actuallu create those ‘places’ in our minds and experience them on the ships? I’d love some clarity here.


Hatonn: You are quite right about your perception of how it is. Yes, the ships are a playground, in a way, for the creations of your mind, and also for the arena of your emotional bodies. Through your experiences on earth as well as in the ‘real’ world, or realm, of your true self, you are able to create what you might call the best of both worlds in the perfect thought of Heaven. It is a combined creation that most of your share to some degree or another because you are all of one mind. You for the most part agree on what Heaven looks like, feels like, how it smells, how it relates to you.


This is how there can be a shared perception of Nirvana, Summerland, or any other place that is considered Heaven. You may liken it to a dream that you have while sleeping here on earth. When you dream, you go places, out of your body. When you experience Nirvana you go places with your lightbody and are able to remember those experiences while in that state. That is why the memories are available to you while in a suspended state of being.


Nancy: This is fascinating. I would like to hear more about this; however, I think we’ve digressed from what we opened this discussion with. What of the messages about you being Christ Michael?


Hatonn: My dear, there are many who believe that I am some kind of God. I Am more than a Commander of the Phoenix, I am as well the commander of the Galactic Federation and of the Universal Brigade in that I stand in a position of final authority on matters of Federation and Universal importance in the scheme of things, where the universal subjugation of the members of the Federation are concerned.


I use the term subjugation loosely, for in our realms that term has different meaning. There is no force used in the term, but a dominion of Divinity. The members are told that their positions in the Federation are based on their own honor and authority to their Godness. It means that when the members of the Federation come to us they do so with the full authority of the councils under which they have undergone scrutiny for membership. The term subjugate refers to the admission of these members to the Federation under the requirements that are set forth by the councils in the creation of the Federation.


The Federation was formed with a specific purpose and as this purpose is fulfilled and upheld by its members, we see that their ideals and intentions for the Federation are upheld as well and that they are under the dominion of Divinity. This is determined by the council of the Federation, and by the councils of the entire universal order.


I can see how some channels may see my position in this as being Christ Michael, the Creator of this universe, which is another title I have been granted by some messengers.


Nancy: Yes, I see that. What do you mean by the Universal Brigade? I have not heard of that.


Hatonn: the universal Brigade is the common name for the Tribunal of Universal Affairs. This is the organization of universal principles and causes that determines the order of the universe and the spector of the governing of all galaxies and solar systems with the universe. It is a far more reaching order than was at one time, in that it now has relevance outside this universe in relations with other universes in other dimensions. We have found that as our universe becomes more multidimensional it also attracts other universes that are as well becoming more multidimensional.


In this way, we are seeing a grand procession of universes coming and going. By this I mean that some universes are melding with others, morphing into a universe that is multi faceted and more able to govern the position in which it resides in all of existence. It is a matter of being able to create the intent energy and ride the waves, so to speak of the transformative intent energies that prevail whenever there is a morphing of ideas that come into manifestation.


Earth will be coming into a grander understanding of this as she and mankind ascend into their lightbody state. They will then become an active member of the Federation and will be able to give much information to the other universes and will be able to grasp what I have told you here in a fuller way. I feel that you all have some idea of what I have told you here, some more so than others.


Nancy: Yes, I have realized that there are times when I perceive something I thought I had grasped well before, and suddenly with some more information I perceive it on a grander scale. Thank you Hatonn.


Hatonn: You are indeed welcome.


Nancy: I have another question; many people are becoming disillusioned with the state of world affairs, especially what is taking place in our government. How far will we have to go with this before there is the relief we have been asking for?


Hatonn: My dear, when the events that are taking place wake up more people to what they have been asleep to, then we will see a dramatic change to more peace and justice. Till then we are under a do not disturb order as far as the details of the events are concerned. We are not to come and make ourselves known as yet. We are not to come and intervene in some of the events that are taking place, for to do so would be to go against the free will of the people as a whole. We are to at all times monitor the threat of nuclear danger and keep it from happening. We are to protect the interests and lives of those who have been pushed beyond their contracts, and we can appear to those who have asked and are of a frequency that can sustain our presence. As for anything else, we must keep our distance, figuratively, and remain in observation only.


This does not mean that we pull away, very much the contrary. We continue to play our parts in the negotiations that are transpiring to bring about certain matters that have overall affect throughout the universe. This is imperative, for the welfare of the universe is at issue here. There are certain conveyances that have been attracted to this universe by the administrations of the dark energies on earth, and as these conveyances approach our universe they are being dealt with in a peaceful, yet authoritative manner. We have had to force the deterrent of some of these intruders from other dimensional universes in order to keep our position in a mode that is the most safe and beneficial to the purpose of our being here and the position that we employ in all of existence.


Nancy: So you are saying that the dark energies on earth have been drawing other like energies to this universe and they have had to be dealt with?


Hatonn: Indeed that is what I am saying. We knew the potential for this was very real, and so we have been prepared and have been able to deal with it. As the energies of the dark come more to the surface to be met by and transmuted by the light. These interruptions from outside our universe have become less frequent. This is a time in which all is coming to zero point and at the time of that shift all will be in sequence at the moment of conception of the New Golden Age. At that time, there will no longer be any energy that can draw that kind of conveyance, and we will blend with the energies of the whole as one supreme cause for peace and light throughout all of existence.


Nancy: Thank you Hatonn for this information. I love you.


Hatonn: I love you too, all of you.