Wakeup Call Message
February  20, 2006


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Good day my dear ones! It is a day filled with sunshine and good cheer. It is a day in which all of you may go out and welcome the new age, for it is upon us. As we go about our chores and find the load to be lessening, we revel in the individualism of our lives and the purpose for which we aspire in order to find our way to the pinnacle of love in an unloving world.


I AM Hatonn, and on this day I offer a chance to see the world as it is, and yet still see the love and rosy glow that is surrounding the individuality that brings it all together and unites the world as one rosy entity.


How often have you climbed a mountain and stood at the top to look around at the surrounding countryside, only to find that the air is so clear from where you stand that there is a feeling of never wanting to return to the lower ground? Has this been a stopping force in your life? Have you achieved that place in which you see the rest of the world as less than appealing, and wished to be able to stay on your mountaintop for the rest of your life?


Of course you do have that choice, and in that choice you can either stay in your heaven-world and rest in the arms of the Creator, or you can rejoin the rest of humanity and rest in the arms of The Creator. Interesting how you can have the same thing, except for an illusory aspect of the complete picture.


What is that illusory piece? Is it perhaps that no matter where you go and what you do, now matter how far into the woods, deeply into a cave, no matter how high a mountain you climb, you are never just you and you alone. You are always part of humanity and The Creator, and in that way you will never be able to separate yourself completely from the world.


Why then would you want to? Is it that you wish to separate yourself from the pains and ills of the world? That is another story. You can stay in a crowded city and not be a part of the hubbub and chaos that can be found around any corner in any alley, in any home, in any place of rest, or in nature. You can find the peace that you find on the mountain, in the cave, and by the babbling brook anywhere you are. It is a matter of tuning in to the peace in your heart and soul, and allowing the Spirit of the Creator in you to flow forth and be felt with all your ability and intent.


This is how you create miracles in this world of chaos. This is how you send messages to others through your demeanor and your light that you are the peace that you emanate; you are the love that streams forth from your inner being. Love is your essence and you share it with all who come into your presence.


Take this day to put into action what I remind you of this day. Be the light that you are and allow that being to light your way with every turn in the road. Follow the urgings that take you to the places of transformation and enable you to see the love in everyone, including those who pretend that they are not love. They are the ones who have chosen the lonely road, for they have not been able to find their way back to the Source, the Creator who loves them.


I see this day is filled with promise. I see that in this day you are creating miracles. Take one of those miracles and express it to another and see their eyes come alive with the knowledge that so too can they produce those miracles. It is a wondrous path that you take, and as you do you create heaven on earth for yourself and everyone else with whom you share a common bond. And that is love, and that is light, and that is God.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate