Wakeup Call Message
February  17, 2006


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Do you know what it means to have all that you ever wanted? Do you think that this will ever come to grace your world? Do you think that a thousand times a day you will have reason to exclaim to the heavens how grateful you are for your bounty? Well, my dear ones, welcome to the New Age of abundance in every aspect of your life. I AM Hatonn, and on this day, I wish to tell you of how to remove the boundaries to these wonders and to invite them in for your experience and joy.


As you go forth and see what is taking place in your lives in these new times, you may be a bit overwhelmed, for these days will bring some wonders that you have long been striving for. These gifts have in the past eluded you, so you have built a wall of protection against disappointment. It is time now to see these walls dissolve and flow away into yesteryear. It is time to claim that which you placed your orders for and are now ringing your front doorbell.


Firs thing for you to do is to take a moment and think about how it will feel to have these wonders in your life. See them there already and gracing your life in a way that had not been imagined before. See the dreams and expectations that you had set in place as a result of achieving those goals. Now that you have seen that desired end and the experience of living it, expand your field of experience and feel the expansiveness seep into your life as surely as a river flows into an unbarriered field.


How does that feel; is it grand? Of course it is, and from that comes the next question. How does it look in your life? Does it enhance and give you inspiration for how to live with this wonder in your life? Does it inspire you to share the joy with the world and see that all of the world has its own version of this wonder? Congratulations you have broken another barrier and now you have brought your wonder into unity with the world.


You are a wonder, you know. You have gone ahead and created the very thing that not so long ago you had given up on. You brought from the ashes of the fire the phoenix that spreads its wings and covers all of humanity. You have secured the world that springs forth fresh and new and full of promise. You have done that by stepping forth and knowing that this time the whispers were from your own creations saying that it is time to ‘let me in and experience my fullness.’


You have come to the place in your life where all that you ever rose to is there for you. Your heights and intentions are answered and in the instant that you recognize and invite them in, you are on your way to your future in abundance. When I speak of abundance it is no only in a material way, with coins and pieces of paper. It is with everything that is within and without. It is prosperity of Spirit, and because all is Spirit, there are no holds bared.


Come now and stand beside us who have stood beside you for so long. We offer you our hands in congratulations, and we embrace you for the wonders that you experience in this time of times. Enjoy the ride, for much of the joy of manifestation lies in the journey. You are creators of your life, and as you travel the road of creation, you walk in the shoes of The Father.


Taste the ambrosia, and sing the song of sweetness and grace. Lift your eyes to the heavens and see the light shine back to illuminate your path. This is the time of opening, and as you walk through the door you see all that you have yearned for right there at your fingertips and at your toes. As you pick these wonders up and claim them as yours in the unitedness that is all, you spread your wings and soar through the air to the eternal whims of creation and heaven on earth. For it is time, and you are the creators of your golden journey.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate