Wakeup Call Message
February  13, 2006


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Nancy: Hatonn today Iím specifically asking for the subject matter of the Wake up Call. I have been hearing from so many lightworkers that they are frustrated, at loose ends, without focus, and not knowing what to do, which way to turn. Please give us some idea of what this is all about and what these dear ones can do.


Hatonn: My dear ones this is a time in the evolutionary process when all of the frustrations and all of the other emotional blockages and expressions that have for eons been amassed and stored in the emotional bodies of the humans are being released. This is causing a great many people to loose their focus and become disenchanted with their positions in life. For many it seems that what worked for them before doesnít work anymore. For others they cannot even begin to be inspired as to how they can go on in the light doing Godís work.


I can offer an antidote for this, and it is very simple. Just Get Out There and Do Something! Do what comes to mind, even if it means walking in a circle focusing on putting one foot ahead of the other. It is a matter in many cases of learning how to do all over again. As you do this, your brain will respond to the new energies of this age and will find a way to function as never before. It will be as an infant taking his first steps and learning lifeís workings all over again.


Some of the lightworkers have been undergoing this process for some time now. They chose to do this over a course of the past several years with the onset of the Christ energies coming to the planet. The process is one fine-tuned series of explosions into the new way of being, and some of those have been happening in slow motion time. Some are just now coming on the scene in bursts of light and releases of the old energies.


My dear ones, I understand what is taking place with you in this, for I am able to feel your emotional energies. As you process through this time you are encouraging more and more of your old emotions to come forth and be released. As you do this when you move your body and move your mind through thoughtforms you are enabling all these pent up emotions to release and be gone forever. As you continue it will be much easier on you to find something that will stimulate you whether it be something that you continue with or not.


This is the way to find expression for the encouragement of new emotions of the present day, emotions that will reflect the energies of manifestation and acceptance of what is. Body movement is a vital part of this; finding a way that suits you to release these energies through movement will facilitate the speediness of the process.


I once encountered a man on earth who was in the same quandary that you are. As he continued to delve deeper into his shell because he could find no inspiration that reflected his love of The Creator, he became more and more despondent. When I sent someone who acted as an example to him, I saw that this person was presenting to this man a valuable presence for inspiration.


Never had this man thought to go outside his realm of experience and try something altogether new. When this person came and showed him how he had done just that, the man gave consideration to this new idea and stepped out with this person in his example and found that even though it wasnít something that he felt he would continue with over the long run, it was bringing up in him feelings of appreciation for the world around him.


He was beginning once more to have interest in other things, and soon he found himself headed in a whole new direction, one that he had once long ago thought of taking, and had put it off because of practical matters. This man is now a functioning member of society in his work as a lightworker. He is doing something that serves The Creator and humanity as well. If one had suggested to him three years before his huge success with this that his life would be this rosy he would have said, ďNo way!Ē


I assure you all that with these times the situations that give you troubles and perplexing thoughts are almost over. What you can do to release all of these energies is to move, simply do something and allow it to work those stuck energies out. You are readying yourselves for something that is beyond your wildest dreams, or experience and as you release the old ways you invite in the new.


Go now and see your life begin to take shape in a new way, even if it means that you remain where you are, doing what you are doing. Once you have cleared the old stuff out, then you will find that the present situation of your life will have taken on a whole new meaning.


If you find yourself changing your situation then you will as well find that the release was making way for the entry of this whole new way of life for you. Either way, you are bright and shiny new with a patina of gold that will glow all the way to the stars.


I leave this message now and already I see in many of you the wheels turning for the light of recognition has come on and you are on your way! Blessed Journey!


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate