Wakeup Call Message
February  08, 2006


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My friends and dear ones, I AM here today to tell you of an incident that caused an overturn of a tremendous occurrence that was to have happened. This was an event of such magnitude that it would have come to replace the advent of the New Age if it had been allowed to happen. I AM Hatonn once more, and on this day mankind has been given still another step into the ascension reality.


If this event had been allowed to take place there would have been a shifting of the tectonic plates within earth that would have begun a landslide and upheavals within the earth’s crust that would have sent all of the surface into turmoil. Because this was averted there has been a necessary shift in the positioning of various masses of land under the oceans waters. This has readied certain areas of that submerged land to resurface in the time allotted in the earth changes that are coming.


Allow me to expound on this; I AM in communication with Gaia, and in this communication she has delivered a message for me to relay to you. She wishes you all to know that there is no need for fear in these matters, for all is in perfection of readiness for your ascent into the New Golden Age. As each phase of this ascension process evolves Gaia and all of her life forms undergo a series of transformative energetic happenings. Some of these you are aware of, such as the earth changes that interpret as earthquakes and hurricanes.


As these happenings work through the stratosphere they continue a backlash that brings the balance that is necessary for the safety of all on earth. “This is no fun for me,” some may say as they survive and experience the upheavals. “This is not what I signed up for, to be frightened and waylaid in this way. My home is gone; my family hurt or worse. I have had catastrophe hit my life, and you tell me that I contracted for this!”


My dear ones, that is as it may seem, however that does not mean that you remember and understand. It means that you honor the stand that you placed yourself in when you chose to live in the area that you reside in. It also means that you are a brave soul and one who loves humanity and Gaia with a tremendous amount of compassion.


As Gaia undergoes the changes so too do you. You as well will be going through more changes and upheavals within your body and your life. These are part of the plan, and you have chosen the path that brings you to the point of ascension that honors you in perfection. You are in the midst of a great reawakening, and as that progresses you will find that after the passing of each phase you will feel stronger and more sure of yourself; more able to withstand what comes your way. Remember that at the perfect time there will be no more upheavals, only the forward moving into complete bliss and creativity of your new world.


The event that I spoke of that brought about a new balance in the condition of earth was experienced for the express purpose of bringing to a close the torment of the wildlife that springs forth from the mantle of the earth. This torment is the resistance of one medium to another and in this process the wildlife has given of itself a sacrifice to all of earth life in order to keep the balance between positive and negative energy. This is but one of the areas in which this balance has been attained.


As life on earth has progressed there has been a multitude of ways in which this has been expressed. Everywhere there has been a resistance of one thing to another, an energy that has put forth a barrier to another opposing force. This has been a necessary part of earth energy, and there is no judgment in this. It is merely a component of duality.


This is going away, my dear ones. In this earth life as all is readied for the ascension we are seeing these resistances, these barriers melt away and be no more. We are seeing the allowance of the Divinity to be what it is and for perfect harmony and unity with all of life. This is a wonderful sign that the process is well underway, and that all of Gaia is undergoing the process that speaks of the fact that all is right on schedule. That schedule is comprised of probability combined with possibility and the expression of potential.


My dear ones, this is an exponential reality. This is the place in which all that is considered and thought of is played out. That is why it is so powerful when your thoughts are of the wonders of what is taking place and the joy that these new changes bring. As you come to realize further that this is indeed on the threshold of being done, you see the outplay of your thoughts. You see how you create this world, and you learn from that knowledge.


I listen to your thoughts when you invite me to. I see the colors that are generated from those thoughts. And I see the manifestation of the thoughts combined with emotion. I see how grand it is to have given of yourself in the way that you approach life. You are the ones who are bringing this rate of ascension, you and Gaia together are tuned in, in a way that has not been seen on this planet before. It is a sight to behold, and it can bring tears of joy to our eyes as you bring forth yet another miracle of your love.


Go now into your day and climb another mountain, swim another sea, and bring the newness and love gifts back home to me and to all of us who applaud your song. You are the bringers of the dawn and you stand alongside us as we march into the New Golden Age together.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate