Wakeup Call Message
February  07, 2006


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When a day begins as this one has, you know that there will be profound things happening, for in this world right now we are experiencing turnarounds that are unprecedented in all of existence. Good day, I AM Hatonn, and I come with news of the activities that heralded the end of the weekend.


Beginning on Saturday there was an event that rocked the underworld. This event was of a magnitude that rivaled all that has come before. In order to keep a degree of privacy that is necessary for the protection of those involved I will explain in part what took place.


Five hundred years ago an event set into motion the culmination of what took place on Saturday. This was an event that seemed like a bombing of the underground bases in many parts of the world. In actuality it was the extinction of many of the off-worlders’ secret bunkers in which they had stored vast amounts of data that would lend itself to the extinction of the human race.


No longer is this available to any species or to any life form. In fact, the off-worlders no longer have access to that part of their experience, which means that there is no chance that they can retrieve it for their purposes. What has taken place is that in a series of returns to the ‘timeline’ in which this data was created and stored, we have been able to completely and forever erase this data and knowledge. It is as if it never happened, or was created from the coffers of the intent of this species of off-worlders.


This is part of the work that we are doing in relation to the preparations that are underway for the ascension of Gaia and her lifeforms. Without this and other eradications of intent energies there would not be the degree of completion in the time frame that is projected for the ascension into lightbody status.


There is no potential for a recurring energy of intent of the same nature, for those same off-worlders have come to the light. They now work in the interest of all species who are involved in this process of assisting Gaia and her lifeforms to the status for which you have been attuned. Yes, you have all been attuned to this ascension, and the process is well underway.


Another event that occurred this weekend was the return to the light of other species in the underground places of earth who had been holding the dark energies in reserve for the thorough and complete eradication of the negative energies from earth and all of her life forms. This has been accomplished and now the last vestiges of the darkness can be seen and released forever from earth.


If these last vestiges of darkness had not been held in reserve there would have been an overwhelming degree of release that would have had the potential for complete and total annihilation of the planet and all life on her surface, as well as within.


Understand that with these accomplishments that took place this weekend, we have seen the last phase of the preparations for ascension go front and center, and with this we are in the last stage of what has been known as the duality/free will experiment. This means that in the months to come we will see more of the negative events take place as the remnants of the dark energies release themselves from the planet. This is a very carefully monitored process and will take place at an accelerated rate, as to the abilities of mankind and Gaia to withstand the energies.


This is a wondrous thing that we are undergoing, for being at this stage of the game means that you have surpassed the rate that we had seen potential for, and you are ready for this last process of the dark expressions on earth. As you move through this phase we are with you and are aware every moment of the potential that is stirred up and created. There is no way at all that this cannot be ridden through in an efficient and thorough manner. You have proven to us that you are able to withstand the energies that are prevalent now and to carry those who are asleep and see them safely to their intended destinations in the evolution of mankind.


We are most pleased with this development and how you as lightworkers have brought yourselves to this stage of your evolvement. We see through this a willingness to go the extra mile, and walk in your light in a way that you long ago left in trust with The Source, God of All. You have shown us that you are ready for this stage and in so doing you have brought your light to bear on all of existence.


We encourage you to ride with the waves of any changes within your physicality that may come your way, and know that this too shall pass. In the event that you may experience lightheadedness, sinus congestion, a feeling of foreboding, a momentary tightness in your chest, or any other relative symptoms that are fleeting and pass through your field in a short time, then know that all is in order and your body is adjusting to the new state of being.


Should you experience any temporary discomfort you would do well to find relief in any of the energy healing practices that are available. Remember that these are temporary occurrences and as they pass away and leave your field you will experience a lightness of being and a strength that you have long been ready to return to. Relax through these times and remember that you are in the process of becoming who you really are. Ask at any time for any of us to be with you, for that is why we are here. We love and honor you and we assist you along the way to the ultimate goal of your journey.


I leave this transmission now and suggest that in your celebration of life today you take a deep breath and see the love that lives in your every move. Know that the outside world reflects the cleansing that is taking place within. You are loved and cherished and you are powerful beyond compare.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate