Wakeup Call Message
February  03, 2006


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My dear ones, I wish to address the concern that many of you have at this time for the seeming unending barrage of laws that have been cast upon the people of the USA. This onslaught has been perpetrated by the forces of darkness and is in fact a cover-up for another agenda that the group of people who support them is behind. This barrage of laws that serve to further enslave and endanger the people are by no means going to cause an upheaval in the way that your lives are led at this time. Why is that? It is because those laws fall into a bottomless pit, and have no basis upon which to stand.


Good morning my dear ones, I AM Hatonn, and with this message I further answer some of the concerns that you have brought to us in the Federation, and I act to support your thoughts and concerns on these matters so that you may find some relief and some inspiration with which to address any coming concerns that you may have. As the picture of repeated attempts to thwart the light becomes brighter and clearer I feel that you will be able to see the pattern here and see that there is nothing to be concerned about.


That does not mean that you go about merrily in your days and pretend that there is nothing of this kind taking place. Equally does it not mean that you immerse yourself in the energy that is meant to be produced from these implementations, that of fear. What can serve you in these matters is to know that every time they bring forward one of these laws they do so from a place of desperation, and anything born of that energy cannot stand up to the face of light.


These are times for frank revelations of truth, for you have called for this. These are times for pulling up the rug and cleaning up what has been swept under it for all these centuries. No longer can the issues that come to bear on the present society be disguised and swept into law as something quite different from what has been presented. This is a time for the totality of what has been passed to come to the front and declared null and void by the people. It is simply a matter of standing up and saying NO. It is simply a matter of calmly and with conviction telling all concerned that not one day more will you stand for the kinds of things that are being cast upon your freedom and your authority to live your life in the manner that you choose.


To some of you these may sound like 3D words addressing 3D matters. I understand that and I wish to offer another idea about that. You as a group of humanity have passed the point of 3D unreality. You have picked up the gauntlet and run with it. You have announced that you are stepping out of the sheep’s clothing and into the light of the Holy one.


With this decision you have stepped into the ring of fire and in so doing you have brought enough of the 4D/ 5D reality into the fray. This means that all that is in your world is there for purpose, more than ever before. What is different now is that there is an increase in the energy of expungment and this brings all of the issues to the surface to be seen. What this means to you all as a society, and I speak to all in the world, is that you are volunteering to step forward in this 3D world to bring your 5D ideas and thoughts into being and into play in order to exercise the abilities you have to bring about what it is that you intend for your world.


You did not come to earth to play the games that you had played before. You came here to exercise the ability you have to manifest that which you are not in order to more fully be and express what the fullness is of existence. In order to do this you had to assume a veil of forgetfulness. Now you are disintegrating that veil and in the process you are opening your eyes to what has been taking place while you’ve ‘been away’.


For the most part you do not like what you are seeing. You find it difficult to believe that anything or anyone can stray so far from the divinity that you know you are. This is what the intention was, my dear ones. To wake yourselves up with a jolt or with a bolt of lightening, for nothing before this has served to open up those sleeping eyes and souls.


Now you are awakening and you are very distressed in some cases. I tell you that there is nothing to be distressed about, as long as you step forward in your conviction to do what you can to make this world reflect that which you would have it be. There is nothing and no one who can take from you what you firmly and unequivocally know to be your truth. Remember that there is nothing that can deter the light, except the intent to do just that. Remember that when you stand up and take a stand for what you believe and know to be so, you create that reality and the potential for all in the world to see it and be it as well.


Now I say to you that no matter what laws, and who they bring to the courts and the other bodies of government, you have truth and divinity on your side. You also have the ability to see that truth as the utmost mover in all of the world. You do not have to stand meekly by and allow what seems to be happening to take over. You can clearly and succinctly say NO and then stand in that declaration with the rest of humanity.


You are sovereign beings and in that truth you stand united. Unity provides an impenetrable field of light through which nothing can pass that is not the same. You are the ones who created this world, and you do have the power to create another, inspired in the energy of love and manifested in the light of truth.


I see your faces and I feel your strength building as you read these words and recognize the truth in them. Now is the time for you to recognize that strength and walk in it in everything that you do. You together will form a field that stands for anything that your light can bring forward. I see the light beaming from your eyes and I love the sight. Go now and build your world as a reflection of what is inside for all of heaven to see.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate