December 06, 2016                Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Nancy, December 06, 2016


I received an email today from a lady with interesting questions. When I began to answer her, I felt that she was a beautiful inspiration for me to express what I’ve been feeling lately. As I began replying to her I realized that this was perfect for today’s WUC.


I have been feeling lately like the truth of what we all must focus on is how we are feeling right now about our lives. Are we waiting for the funds to come in, or for someone else to give us what we want? Are we putting off what we feel we should do to make our lives better, more in tune with what we want to experience, or do we continue to wait for this and that to come from outside of ourselves? I have been giving that idea a lot of energy lately, and the more I experience what it feels like, the more I realize, we are putting too much emphasis on what others outside of ourselves are saying and putting their emphasis on. I am feeling very strongly that it is time to take the wheel again and move forward in the direction that we feel to go.


When I decided a little over 20 years ago to move from Maine to the southwest, it was because Spirit had given me the inspiration to do so. As I moved forward in the steps that came to me to take, they all worked and brought me to the newness of who I am. As I drove through the plains on my trip to NM suddenly I realized that I was making the move to finally open up to the truth of who I am. There was nothing in my sight ahead that clouded my insight and gave me different ideas to guess about who I am and how to live my life. That is how I have to live my life now. I feel that is the best way for anyone to live their lives, even when the person beside you has a different idea. It is a matter of being patient and allowing the inner feeling to guide you in your next steps.


So, I feel that when you spend a great deal of time waiting for what others are telling you is coming, then it is a matter of asking yourself, why are you waiting on what you want in your life, which is all about being in joy, peace and love? I'm feeling that it is time for me to step out in a different direction and follow what I am inspired to do. Since being out here in the southwest the money was always there when I needed it; the friends were always there when the times were right; the circumstances always were a blessing, or a lesson, which is it's own blessing. Money is not evil, but it is not all that we need to bring the contentment into our lives. As long as we know that we deserve to have what we desire that makes us feel good and at peace, then we will see it come forth in our lives, as long as we move in the directions that are inspired from our inner voice and feelings.


It just occurred to me that if this situation with the RV, etc hadn't come along, there are those of us who might not have found the way to move forward in our lives into the ascension that we are headed for. In order to be in that energy, we will find that feeling joyful, in peace, and open to all that is based on Love is the answer for every move in our lives. Sending Love to anyone who moves in a way that resounds with their issues, helping someone who has fallen to the ground when trying to run into something, or someone who has taken something from others, responding to anything with Love is the way to help others to remember that they are here in that Love energy that brought them to this experience in the first place. Knowing that Love will bring to us that which we ask for on a soul level, at any time and any place that we find ourselves in, is the strongest way that we can create our lives the way we want them.


Whatever is the best way for us to flow through these times, it will definitely be from our power to do it all in Love for ourselves and everyone else. We are all in this together, and we resonate with each other in ways that we are not even aware of. Trust in what we are led to do from inside and know that whatever the outcome it is perfect for us and everyone else. Love is all there is, and as the Moses Code tells us, “I Am That, I Am”. Thank you James Twyman for the video about that.



Much Love,

Nancy Tate