December 29, 2015               


Wake up Call: Nancy, Dec 29, 2015


Bob and I went to Tucson the other day to visit with our dear friends there and to do our monthly shopping at Trader Joe's. On that night in the motel after visiting with them I got up around 1:00am for my usual call to 'nature' and about 1-2 minutes after I laid back for sleep I felt Cassie jump onto our bed, as she usually does at that time. It was a touch on my ankle with her foot that told me she was joining our slumber in the comfort of our bed. I'd experienced that most times when she decided it was time to join us at that time. It's the same thing that Toshiro had done when he was with us. The interesting thing is that Cassie wasn't there that night with us physically; she was in our home, over an hour away, with our dear friend/housemate. Though she wasn't there in body, she was on a soul level. I felt her loving presence as I drifted off to sleep.


In the morning laying in bed awakening to the daylight, I looked over at the window with the drape drawn for privacy. On the wall beside the drape I noticed the sunlight was shining, and then it blinked in colors, back and forth from one second to the next. It was as if it were singing in color to me. It was sooo beautiful! I just had to go over and see what was going on with it, so I went and drew back the drape a bit. What I saw was the sun coming up from the horizon and cars streaming by on Interstate 10 in that musical stream. Every time a vehicle passed by the sun, it brought the color; then in between them the pure gold of the sun came back. It was so beautiful! It brought music to my inner self, and the knowledge that even in the bustle of the city traffic the sun brought forth the music of Love and harmony to the land. I stood there and with the combination of Cassie coming to join us, and this gift from the sun, after the wonderful visit with our friends, I just had to share it with Bob and express the inner peace, joy and Love I was feeling.


As we were on our way to have breakfast, I got the feeling that Spirit had something to tell me. What I heard on that inner level was that Bob and I had been a part, with others, in some way of stopping something from happening that would have given the cabal another foothold in their attempts to regain their strength in their positions on earth. I didn't know what it was; I realized that I didn't need to know. In fact to know would have given it more energy. What I did know was that it was part of how I was feeling. The whole energy of what happened since the beginning of our visit with our dear friends was what brought the feeling of peace, joy and Love to my day. Especially the realization of how the day ended and the new day began.


Every day that begins with the bright new promise of music and magical color is a day of celebration, whether we know the details or not. To know that we are already inviting all of the examples of Love to our door is what we are here for. It is a wondrous time and space that we share with each other! Look around you! Do you not see the apples for the trees? Each of us carries the seeds of growth that leads to the ripening of the fruit of goodness, peace and Love all around the world. We are the bearers of the promise of richness that is prevalent in so many ways. We are bringing the harmony to the lands along with the beautiful sun, the bright shining stars in the moonlit night, and the hearts and souls of all of existence. Recognize the gifts in your life that are singing to you of the wonder of who you are, and the gifts you give with each smile, each hug, each feeling of Love that you send out to another. Love is all there is, and I send mine to you, for it is never ending for all of us.



I thank you all for who you are,

Much Love, Nancy Tate