December 10, 2014               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call; Rawanda, 12-10-14


I am here today to let you know of some changes that are in the works. They are in the underground as yet and so they are not to be made public until all systems are in release enough for the changes I speak of to come to light. There will be an abundance of energy in many ways, physically and energetically. That is the result of the ability of not only us from off planet, but many of you on and within the planet to give of your energies of allowance.


I am a peaceful conquistador of the physical realm, and I come to you in the energy of the coming times. I am known as Rawanda, and I will be with you as we go further into the flowing times of Love.  I lend myself to your growing strengths and join you in the essence of the Mushaba Force, which has now reached the abundance of the Love Essence which has been in the works since the opening channels began to function in a way that is in keeping with the potential for all of you to be able to see what the future can bring and how you are creating the future in the moment of the Now.


It is a new concept for some of you to be able to take into consideration that what you have created and experienced in the moment just past can actually be changed to suit the present moment. It is a matter of the whole picture being in flux in order for the newness of the energy of Now to be an influence of what it is that you all intend as a whole beingness. This is what you are creating in the moment and therefore you are seeing in many cases changes that are unexpected or even not desired. That represents the whole picture of how it is all progressing in a way that becomes more and more harmonious as it evolves.


This is the beginning of the manifestation of what each of you intends for your lives and it becomes more in line with what is being manifested as the whole of you come more into harmony. This is the in-between time that has been spoken of by many beings in the evolvement of the messages that have been shared with you over the years. It is a matter now of many of those messages changing in ways that show you how you are influencing your energies in a more precise way now that the changes are more in tune with what is destined for you. It is a matter of you all coming back more to your inner knowing of who you are and what your destined roles are that you have been playing, and will continue to live in the coming episodes of what you choose.


All of the energies are evolving now in ways that seem to be chaotic. That is because of the out-flux of the old energies being released from the inner body of Gaia, just as they are being released from all of your inner recycling energies. As the oldest energies, which are more intense, come to the surface, they bring with them the intensity of what has been being held onto for so long. As the Light/love within all of you becomes stronger and more in keeping with the Love of the Creator within all of existence it is releasing, in readiness for the purity of the Love energy of the original beginnings of the universal expression created by the Mushaba Love Essence from the first universe. This was the predestined plan for the furthering of what you will all be creating beyond the duality experience that you have been evolving through.


There will be more information that will come through this one, and Anakhanda Mushaba, who is one of the original representatives of the Mushaba energy. You are all in keeping with what this universe was created for, and as you go on in the Christed energies you are evolving all that was brought to the table, so to speak, from the first moment of your existence. It is now the beginning of the new way of living, and that is what is bringing on so much of the chaos that is soon to be easing off. You are coming to a wondrous peaceful way of life and the new creation of your world. Know that you have the power to bring about that which is in the Essence of Love and the peacefulness that come with it in Joy and Love. Happy days are here! Live them and bless them. Know that they are the new horizon for the days of continuous, Loving Life.


Thank you dear Rawanda,

Much Love, Nancy Tate