December 22, 2014               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Nancy, December 22, 14


I want to share something with you about the presentation of pictures on the 'What's New' page of the 'tree'. After I put it together and posted it onto the 'tree' on Sunday, I had the thought that I should have included the thanks to the lady who sent the middle picture to me; I thought to myself that I could do it later, since I was busy with something else right then. You know how that goes, usually. Yes I forgot. Then this morning I was laying in bed as I was in the process of waking up, when suddenly I thought of the picture in the middle and thought to myself, I'll go upstairs to my office after I get up and do just that; I'll thank her for the picture.


A little bit later after I got to my computer I saw in my email a message from Darlene, who had sent me the picture. Here is what she said, "Nancy, I was very surprised and happy to see my picture in harmony with yours! They all look perfect together. Thank you for sharing the Love from my heart to yours! I am honored! God blesses All and the Light shines! Love to All, Darlene." She had sent the email before I woke up. After I replied to her and told her I was going to go and post my Thank You to her, I did just that.


As Bob and I were preparing breakfast I told him about my thoughts on it, her email, etc. I had posted my thanks to her, and as Bob and I were sharing our eggs, toast, fruit and coffee I suddenly realized that Darlene and I had visited each other in our fifth dimensionality and talked about the picture thing. That is what brought about the whole 'route' of my thoughts, and on to the posting of the Thank You Darlene. I knew for certain that is what brought it to me as I awoke. Also, I just realized that this was the second picture that Darlene has sent to me and I have used. The other one is the beautiful rose in Cassie's honor on her page Here.


Interesting that phrase, "As I awoke." It represents another level of our understanding of what happens as we sleep, or meditate. I've experienced this sort of thing at various other times, as I'm sure you all have. However, this is the first time I've chosen to share my story with all of you. It is an example of how we are living in harmony and union with each other. Even if we don't think we know each other in this 'lifetime', we do. Won't it be grand to have our reunion when we all lift the veil and see each other in the world that we know to be our own creation!


So once again, on this joyful Christmas holiday time, I thank you dear friend, Darlene for your interaction with me, and others in the harmony and Love that is our core beingness. May we all have the Best Christmas and the Happiest New Year ever as it leads us to our genuine selves and our Creation of Heaven on Earth.



Thank you so Much Darlene and all of You!

Much Love, Nancy