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White Knights


As we come to you on this day of days, we tell you that there can never be another day just like this is. There is no festive meaning to the day, except for what you bring to it. There is no tree trimmed in glory, except for the ones that all stand so majestic all over the globe. There is no time for regalia through the devices of old times, except for that which adorns all of you as the glow that represents that which is within.


There are those who would say to you that there is only one way to celebrate the gifts that have been given in the name of God. The truth is that there is no end to the ways to celebrate all that is and ever will be in the Godliness of All there is. It is limitless what you can do to bring to yourselves the intimate beauty of the outward expression of who you are.


Take for example the coming holiday; is there anything as festive and loving as the idea of decoration, and speaking and singing forth the love of the Christ and all that it represents? It is a time for the glorious impetus of love and joy to spring forth and be listened to as the way to celebrate life in any moment. It is a way to be who you are in the moment of the realization that you are more than you remember you are.


We celebrate alongside you and we speak to you of the reason to celebrate at any turn of the corner. We see you all as the forerunners of the changes that are coming your way as we speak. All that you are undergoing at this time, dear ones, is the total of what you are expunging from your beingness. You are so close to being who your truly are; that is why your life may seem in turmoil at this time.  As you allow that knowledge to sink in to your very knowingness you will feel the peace and joy wash through you and on out into your world of love everlasting. That is your biggest gift to yourself, that allowance and invitation of the dredges of your expression here on earth to flow forth and on out into the universe for the transition back into purity of promise.


We watch you all in our place in heaven, and we see many of you involved with the movements of life-changing situations on your dear planet. We see that you are taking the bull by the horns, and loving it into submission of the peaceful ways to solve the issues that are facing you. We see that it is working, and that as the dust settles, everything will sparkle with the newness of vitality that spurs you all forward in the love and unity that is your natural state of being.


Worry not that it will all come into play, that you will live in the freedom that is your heritage. When you sit and wonder what will become of your world, and that voice inside you sings forth in the tones of love and freedom, know that you are empowering yourself, as are all others on the planet to the essence of who you are in the creativity that is inherent to you. It is in the spoken word, in the written text, and in the unified thoughts that cover the earth with the glow of newness that is awakening all of those who are still asleep to the truth of who they are. As these souls awaken the glow intensifies, and the chorus rings true with the love of the future of dear Gaia and all of her family.


We are the White Knights of the Universe again, and we come from the deep recesses of what you call space. We come to assist you at this time in conjunction with the Golden Knights and all of the others representing the full spectrum of the Knights of Creation. We come at your request to serve and assist you in your quest for freedom, and we see that as we are in readiness for what you ask, you are so powerfully ready to do it yourselves. All you needed was to open up the stream of conscious knowing to your inner selves.


You have seen that you are ready to recognize who you truly are, and what place we have in your lives as the equal partners in your journey back to yourselves. We are the audience who cheers you on in your production that beams across the universe and into the souls and hearts of all of Creation. You are the bearers of your Truth, and we stand in readiness to welcome you Home in Love, Peace and Joy.


Thank you dear White Knights,

Love, Nancy Tate