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Collective Creation


There comes a time in everyone’s life when one has to stop and ask themselves, “Is all that I am hearing and reading in today’s media the truth?” That is when one comes to the realization that there is more than meets the eye and that it is time to listen to the voice within in order to be able to see the world from a place of the knowledge that there have been lies spread all over the world for all of time.


This is what is taking place now. There is coming to light the truth of what has been spreading all over the globe and in the hearts of so many people. There are those who have been awakening to the truths that are being kept secret for the purpose of gaining strength for those who would see the purpose of keeping the truth buried. It has been a journey through the sleepiness of those who chose to forget who they are, and what they are capable of doing in the energy of their own Godself. Those who have been sleeping are also beginning to awaken to their own reality and seeing it as being a long time in coming to the surface in the face of the real truth.


We are seeing the people all over the globe coming to an understanding of what they have been giving to the world in their sleep time. Now they are awakening to what they are to do in the light of what they are hearing within, as it is echoed out in the mainstream and deepening even more. Those who have been gathering and keeping this knowledge of what has been hidden are allowing it to come to the public. They are spreading the word about how people have been kept uninformed of what has been really taking place. As they do so, they are finding the deepest place within from which to know their destiny, and the place from which their safety will come.


It is a time for all to step forth to their neighbor, family, and friends, and tell the truth, as they know it to be. It is time for all of mankind to awaken to what has been taking place, and to take their places from the position of power and truth. It is a matter of being able to see the protection that truth gives them. It is a matter of walking into the arena of faith in oneself and the Godliness that resides within. It is coming out bit-by-bit, example-by-example what has been being kept from the people that demonstrates how they have been manipulated over the lifetimes that they have been here on earth.


It is a matter of showing up and hearing the call for the release of the madness that has been taking place. It is a matter of being able to walk forward in the power of the truth that is being brought forward and will continue to be from this day on. There is no turning back now. There is only looking and walking forward in the valley of the life that is before us all. As we step into the limelight and share the knowledge that has been kept in secret for so long, we see that there is no stopping it once the wheel begins it’s spin. Be ready for the changes that will come and that will set us all free.


We speak with you now, as the ambassadors of Light that you have been awaiting. We are You. We are the inner truth that you have been keeping in readiness over your lifetimes. We step forward with you and await the next signal to speak forth our truth. We see the parrot and the eagle as they rise to the rooftops and soar into oblivion. We see them then return in the true colors that they are wearing, for they are magnificent and full of promise. They reach their heights and then they soar back to the standard from which they came. They represent us in a way that brings them to our side to soar with us. We live the truth and we place ourselves into the cocoon of light that knows no boundaries. It is a matter of being able to feel our love for ourselves and for each other. It is a matter of being able to sing out the praises of our own strengths as we all resonate with each other and support the power of truth as it comes to the light.


We stand in homage to the tellers of the truth and we stand in that truth with them. We protect them as they surge forth and know that they are accomplishing that which they came to do. We are all one, and as that rings through us, each and every one of us sings the words and dances the dance of what it takes to live that, which is surging forward as we speak. We take the time now to offer our solace and then express our joy in the knowledge that life is everlasting and the reunion is constant and true. The joy in which we carry on is ever present and in it we empower ourselves to do more.


As we close this message of love we invite each and every one of you to step forward in your power and see what comes from it. Know that there is nothing stronger than the voice of truth and the wearing of the true colors of freedom. We shall see you at the meeting hall, and we shall rejoice in our freedom, which we collectively bring back to our home here on earth.


Love is all there is that carries forth the message of Life in the lane of freedom. We are all One and that is the bottom line that curves and makes this circle complete. That is as it is, and that is Truth.


Thank you dear Collective Creation,

Love, Nancy Tate