December 05, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click Here for Spanish




Last night Bob and I watched a movie called The Horse Boy about a boy born autistic and how his parents worked with him to help him have a good life. Amoung other things, they took him to Mongolia because they were told that there were Shamans there who worked with autistic children.


Not far into the movie, when they first spoke of going to Mongolia and showed us some of the countryside there, I was reminded of the setting of one of the two books that are still awaiting my getting back to them. I wondered if that was saying that it might be time. Then I immediately 'heard' that I had to go through this time-warp that I've just been through in order to be ready to finish those books. I got the information that this three-year period of learning about the Mushaba Force and Maldek has been a time-warp of today for me.


I fully know that this was truth delivered to me from Spirit. I have felt recently that I will be doing something else in my life. I haven't known what that something else is until now, and I feel that it may be to get back to my writing of the trilogy, of which The Menorah is the first book.


In thinking about the Maldek timewarp and the fact of the devastation of Maldek and all those on the planet, I was told that time-warps aren't all 'bad'. They are what they are and serve a purpose in our evolution to give us more insight into what our lives are like in the process of evolution. They show us how to deal with the unexpected that comes up and carries us through what it is that we need to know more fully. I would not be so consciously aware of the information without this timewarp that I have experienced.


What I realized then is that the time-warps are created by The Creator, with us, through our intention for more information to come for us to be able to more fully be who we are and to contribute a fuller picture of what we are evolving through in the Now. As is everything else, even the time-warps are evolving to a higher dimension to match ours as we evolve.


I awoke this morning from what I realize was from another place in time. It seemed to be a dream in which I was talking with someone about two document files I had on my computer that were stories that have been there for a while, probably since I first got a computer eight years ago.


These files were stories that had been there but that I had no recollection of reading or writing; I had a thought that perhaps they weren't even finished and that perhaps I added to them once in a while. Or maybe they were finished, but I didn't feel like they were. I had the feeling to go and write on them. In that way I would then remember what they were and why they were there.


It was a strange thing for me to lie there in bed awakening slowly, all the time having this scenario running through my head, trying to figure it all out. The more I lay there kinda watching it work itself out in my brain I came to the realization that if they exist I can go and look in my computer, and if they are not there, then they must be representing something else, something that exists on another plane. It was all so familiar to me, as if I had visited that reality many times. It felt like it was another me that I visited in my sleep time.


I got up and went to my computer. I searched for those documents, and as I did I knew the futility of it because I knew then that they were not in this reality of my being, this computer, or any other in this reality of myself. But they seemed so real as I awoke and lay there going over what I had seemingly dreamed.


I realize that I must have been visiting other parallels of myself in my sleep state. We all do that in one way or another. It is according to what we are doing in our present conscious reality and what it is that is of issue in the Now. For me it is that I have had what some might call a 'writers block' lately. In those other realities, or parallels I was exploring two stories that I wasn't sure I had written, didn't know what they were about, yet were on my computer and had been for some time.


The fact that I was now curious about them enough to consider looking at them tells me that I might be getting closer to being able to fully integrate all of my me's into my present consciousness. At least I am close enough now to be curious about them and to consider looking at them.


I feel that this is something that many of us are experiencing right now. In our own ways we are beginning to access almost consciously our other selves and to be able to take notice of what they are telling us; it gives us a different perspective on what may be an issue in our lives at present. I don’t feel it was telling me anything about, do it this way, or do it that way. It was just showing me an issue that I have and giving me a perspective on how I write/create my life and how I can deal with the issue that I have been carrying.


I wanted to share this with all of you because anytime I ask how I can share what I learn with other people, Spirit has always said, “By your example.” So here it is, my example of one way that we are given, or give ourselves the answers in our lives that help us to move forward.


We are so blessed to be able to see what we give ourselves and each other, and how to utilize them in our lives. As the vibration of Gaia increases, so doe ours, and this is one way that we lift ourselves up out of the time lapse that we have been expressing in for all of this ‘time’. Through our examples to the universe we are speaking our lives in a way that serves all of existence. Isn’t life grand!


Love you all,

Nancy Tate