December 27, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click Here for Spanish




There is something that I would like to share with all of you, and it is that over the Christmas Holiday there were more ships around your planet than ever before. This is Hatonn speaking and I would like to explain a few things to you that may have great influence on how you conduct yourself in the coming times.


I am telling you that in those ships that visited your atmosphere, and even your planet in various ways, have carried some of the most intelligent and kind, loving and wise beings that have been able to come and see you and to bring you the gifts of love that they brought over this holiday season.


They brought to you the energies of the Mushaba Force. They brought to you the wisdom and love of the Christed energy. They brought to you the intellect for you to be able to recognize your own intellect and to bring it forth in a way that you have not been able to before, because of the duality that you have been living in.


Now you are shedding that duality and becoming the essence of what it means to be complete within yourselves and to, at the same time, retain your body and the familiarity of the gender in which you are now expressing. You are seeing that there is a way in which to be the female and/or male in which you are currently expressing and at the same time to understand and live the wholeness of what it means to be in existence in an androgynous way.


This can bring to you a deeper understanding of what it means to be a male in a female body and a female in a male body. It can take you to a higher feeling of each other and to be able to strengthen your desire to be both at the same time while being one in physicality. This is what you have been aiming for, and now you are on the path to that understanding. You will feel that and live that from this moment on, in the various ways in which you are inspired in every moment.


What does this mean for all of you in the society in which you have built a world of man and woman ways of expression and separate ideas of how to express them? You will find that more and more you will know how to respond to each other in a way that brings harmony. It will help you to see what it takes to get along in an atmosphere that used to be very challenging and sometimes would cause you to split apart, while lost in a broken heart.


It will also take you to another level of understanding and that is in how to live harmoniously in society and how to work together to build the kind of environment that is beneficial and peaceful. You will be able to better understand why things have elevated to the turmoil that they are today and how to be able to regain your power and to live that power for the benefit of everyone.


You are one unit, expressing as a facet in a crystal society. You all have your own individuality, and that shines forth upon the others and brightens the understanding and appreciation of it all. Through this mechanism of wholeness and love you can all see what is the best for the whole and then act in that resonance with every moment. You will even see how to rise above the fear-based energies that are being expressed in many instances on earth today. From seeing this fear-based energy in a way that has no strings and attachments you will be able to see how to transmit your love in that direction to change the energy and to either send it to its own remorse, or to transform it by giving it the choice to remain. In so doing it will enable them to release the fear and begin to change to a love based way of existence.


That is the power of Love, my dear ones. There is nothing that can hold a candle to Love unless it is another candle of Love. Then what you have is a constancy of Love shining forth to light the way for all who come into the realm of your being. In shining forth your message of love and having others see it beaming from your heart and soul, they too are affected and will choose to either flee from it, or immerse themselves in it and feel the completeness of it in harmony with their inner beingness.


So, the bottom line here my dear ones is that you are on the threshold of being free and able to live in a world that you create from the deepest part of yourselves. Those of you who have stepped off the threshold already are shining your example back and forth to those who are ready. You are in the process of becoming the utmost you can be in every moment in the energy of Truth, love, joy, freedom and peace. You wear it with all of the beauty that we all see and feel as we gather round you and celebrate this wondrous holiday of love and freedom that you have called forth and are living now.


We are here to assist you in every moment. If some day you are walking down the street, gazing out at the crowd in a stadium, passing someone in a store, and they look familiar, likely you know them from a long time back. Know that it is one of us here to be with you and to hold that candle of light for all time. We look forward to the grand reunion when you see one of us and you recognize us for one of the long lost family that you have come back home to. We will surround you with our love and in that embrace we will all know Home is where we are at last. Till then, feel it in your hearts and know that it is Truth for now and forevermore.


Thank you dear, wonderful Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate