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I was reading Celia Fenn’s Earth Log for December 2007, (click here to read it, and after reading the first part where she referred to rebuilding community, I was compelled to stop and write what was pressing at my heart. Here is what came:


I had to stop reading this message after what Celia said about the communities in order to put in my enthusiastic response to what she said. I will definitely read the rest once I have said my piece.


I so much agree with her about taking care of and transforming the cities that already exist, all of what we have already created! We did this! We came here to experience life in free will/amnesia. Now we are in the part of the whole plan where we rebuild what we have created in the new way of being that we are choosing to ascend to here on earth, with Gaia.


Can you really believe that here we are at this phase of our journey and all of a sudden things get a bit overwhelming, so we throw up our hands and start to pack up our toys and announce, "I'm done with all this. It is too much and I can't deal with it anymore." Then we look up in the sky and demand, "Come on down here and clean up after me: I don't like this playtime anymore. I want my world to suddenly be clean and fun and full of all the wonderful things I've dreamed of, and I want it NOW!"


Give me a break! Are we children, playing a game in the sand, or are we powerful beings who know what to do to clean up this mess, and are eager to do it because we know that it can be a work of joy and fulfilling wonder? Think back on any mess that you've cleaned up, any wrong you have rightened. Feel what you felt as you cleaned it up, and/or as you stood back and surveyed what you had accomplished. Doesn't that feel good? Now think back as you've walked away from something that you'd created that was a mess, expecting someone else to clean it up. Did it really make you feel good and loving? Be honest here!


I know, you say that you aren't responsible for what the 'others' have created; you had nothing to do with that. Oh yeh? Says who? Did you stand up to them when you first heard about what they were doing? Did the bullies of the world intimidate you so that you let them push you around over and over again? Or did you stand up to them and tell them that you would not take that from them again; did you not push them back and make them back down? I've seen bullies cross the road to avoid someone who didn't back down to them. I've seen bullies run crying home to Mommy because they lost face and courage to a powerful force that they knew they couldn't back down.


If you think that there is ‘us’ and there is ‘them’, then you have truly forgotten what roles we’ve all played in this game of amnesia. We have all contributed to this mess that we are in, believe it, or not, it is true! Think of the bullies of yesteryear, and of the ones who cowered before them. If you believe that in your series of lifetimes you have done everything and been everything, then you must surely see that you have had part in the whole, as have I.


Are you that victim who suddenly found the courage not to back down? Are you the one who walks into the fray of a big city neighborhood and speaks with the authority of the God within to right a wrong situation? Are you the wonderful one who sees something that is less than it can be and walks in and makes it full? Are you the one who plants a flower in a sea of mud and declares it a Garden of Eden? These are all the components of transformation on a physical level that is born in the heart and soul.


I know you are all of these things and more. I know that you have the heart and soul to birth these things and more, much, much more. Do You? Do you feel that power emerging in you to take the stand for freedom and for the righting of the wrongs in increments that are realistic in your estimation? As well, are you realistic enough to know that you can operate within that realistic view and then more? Push that limit and see how it expands.


There’s more than one way to deal with the bullies. We can stand up in their face and demand that they back down, or we can turn our backs on them and go about our business. We can leave the theater and make our own play of life, and we can do it by meeting their every move with our own moves, seeded in truth and followed through with trust in our ability to create anew in the face of adversity.


‘They’ get their kicks on what they can do to bring in more money and power; to them money is power. Don’t you feel compassion for them when you clearly look at their plight, and it is plight, when you think of it in a way that presents the truth of where they are within? They believe in a power that is outside of them! You know what that means; they always have to prove to themselves that they are powerful, when all they have to do is take the pressure off, listen to that gentle voice inside, rather than that booming overpowering voice outside of themselves, and realize that they are caught in a trap of their own making.


We all have the power to see what is inside; we have the power to hear that gentle voice within, and we don’t have to harm anyone to make that voice work for us in a powerful way. Just walk away, with love and compassion in your heart, and with a surefire knowledge that we can rebuild our world despite the ones who follow their own course to oblivion. We do that not by destroying them, for they are well on their way to that end. We do that by seeing them as the powerful beings that they are and by knowing that some day, they are going to know that as we do.


In the meantime, we turn around and walk into our new plan to create our cities and towns and countries in the image of our dreams and intentions for the life that we love. And we do it with what we already have here on earth.


There now doesn’t that feel a lot less overwhelming and a lot more fulfilling than escaping off this Godforsaken planet and onto another one that has been created by other beings who have not lived the lives we have lived here on earth? This wonderful planet is our legacy to the universe. Let’s clean it up and be the examples that we were meant to be. Let’s create our earth to be the shining example of how we can transform that, which is created in the name of free will, to what we can accomplish with the integration of our free will into the Will of The Creator.


I have only one thing more to say about this at the time, and it is this: I see how we can all contribute to the restoration and rebuilding of our lives. I see that we can do it in a heartbeat and we can do it according to our specifications. We must take the blinders off and see our world for what it really is. Don't you see the beauty that lives underneath all of the mess? Don't you see that we can take our mops and brooms to this mess and clean it up with the innate power and we have to stand up for what is pure and simple? And we can do it by experiencing the process moment by moment creation by creation, in the Light of what we intend for our world. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, just that we do it, and do it in joy, peace and love.


Truth!!! Truth is what it takes, the truth of who we are and what we are capable of. Stop looking to others for rescue! Look to ourselves and then to others to stand beside us in community of the heart and to create our paradise right here where we stand. We can do it, you know. We are capable of it, and no force that is weak and full of fear can stand against us. So that means that they either stand with us and in our energy of love and power, or they run crying for home.


Home is where the heart is, they say, and they are right. Home is where the heart lives and when we all gather for the reunion we will embrace everyone who played with us in our great game of hide and seek, for that is what we did. We hid from ourselves and we sought our truth at a level of innocence that propelled us into a journey to end all journeys. Let’s hold that reunion here on earth when all of the family comes home to rest.


I love you all,

Nancy Tate