November 28, 2007                





My dears one of the times that try one’s soul, I am here to make a few suggestions for you and to stir your soul to the appreciation of that which you are. I am Maldek this day, and I come in the interest of bringing a moment of joy to your troubled mind and heart and render it free at your bidding.


Take you to the innermost reaches of your heart and ask what lies there. It is a place where childhood fantasies rest in readiness for the living. It is a place where you once supplanted a dream and allowed it to gather gold dust as it awaited its resonance with your bidding. Is there any way that there can be a doubt as to your wearability of its value to your life in any moment? Is there any doubt as to your ability to perform its secrets of peace and joy that have come to the time for expression?


You have arrived at the time in your life when these childhood dreams are ready to be expressed. They ask for your recognition and for your living of their promise. With the expression of these dreams you will be propelled to a place where everything is gleefully real and heavenly possible. You will find your life being transformed as at the push of a button. There is nothing in this world that you cannot do that is coming from a place of innocence, for that is where the truth of your abilities takes root.


I enter into the realm of ancient of days. I take you gently into those times and ask what you see. Do you see an old prophecy beckoning you to fulfill its message? Did you know that while on Maldek you set down prophesy for the ultimate reclamation of the messages that they represented for your eventual living and acknowledgement? There was no time on our planet for the realization of those prophecies, for our world escaped our domination by the destruction of its physicalness.


Now you can reclaim those prophetic dreams and live them here on our new world, our new home planet that serves us so well, and to whom we hold much gratitude, for Gaia has given us a whole new place on which to live out our prophesy and to be able to realize the dreams that propelled us into our present circumstance.


Yes, we created this circumstance, this world from which we will be catapulting ourselves into the rest of the universe in times to come. We will be whirling, topsy-turvy in our joyous dance of release and freedom from the bonds of duality, and we will experience the grand reunion with the rest of the cosmos. We will dance throughout creation and we will love the truth of it as it co-mingles with our own ecstasy.


For now, we will begin the ball, bouncing through the heavens right here on earth. No matter what we choose to do with our time here on earth after this interval, we will have known the spark of heaven come to life and lit our fields with a brilliant light of acknowledgement of who we are and what we have chosen to do. This will spring forth from this time that is upon us right now to stop and smell the roses of our lives and do so in a way that represents the deepest, fondest wishes and dreams of our inner children and our outer fancies of life on the joyous plane of planet earth unsung and unexpressed until now.


Have you always wanted to take a trip to the southern art of the world while it is cold in your present place and warm south of the border? Or have you yearned for the opposite, to mingle with the Eskimos and trip through the sea of seals to escape the warmth of the hearth where you now live? Do we always seek the opposite of what we live on a daily basis, or do we wish to see our present surroundings represented in a way that enhances and shows us a deeper perspective that will titillate and tickle the senses?


Any of the above is perfect as long as it is takes us out of the ordinary and into the dreamland of great expectations come to life and enhancing our sense of who we are in the expression of joyous fun and heart-felt gratitude for being alive. That is your purpose in life at this time, for it is a tying in to old dreams that represent far more than the dreams of childhood. It represents the expression of the prophesy of the times of the ancient of days that have lain in wait for this day, this time of our lives, in the coming of age of the ancient ones.


They are you, my dear ones. Yes the ancient ones are you, come to find the secret that is no secret. You have come to give voice to that which has lain in wait for these eons of time. The voice of truth that has been seeking its voice and carrying its tale of the beginnings and endings that have sparked your memories. These are the tales of a time when truth was thought to have been found and lived. These are times on earth when the truth is to be recognized in every moment, for now you are seeing what you did not see before on that other celestial body. That truth is that it is not somewhere out there in the future that you find the truth; it is right now every moment that you live that you find the truth. That is what evaded you so well, so relentlessly when you sought the truth and thought you never found it.


You have taken up the gauntlet here on earth and continued the search for the truth throughout the millennia in your journey on this planet Gaia, the dear twin of Maldek. You have picked up where you left off in your consciousness after falling back for a while into the place where you needed to be in order to find your roots and to place them firmly in this new ground, this earth supported by the essence of Gaia.


Now you are finding the inner child that served you through this journey and propels you now into the fun of the recognition that you are the truth. You have been living that truth deep in your heart and soul for as long as you have been searching. Now you see that the search is over, and that you can put down the roadmaps and put away the atlas and dance forth in the recognition that you are where you are, and that it is perfection.


It is calling for dancing, swimming, frolicking, appreciating the sunsets and sunrises, listening to the call of the whippoorwill, watching as two birds take flight, and share the worm in that flight. You are all part of the same thing. You are those birds, sharing the treasures of the moment, inherently joyful in the sharing. You also are wise in the living of the dream, for you know within the deepest reaches of your soul and heart that this is the key to the rest of your days on planet earth.


No matter what comes in the next months and years, you will have fertilized those times with your times and tears of joy and glad times in these moments that are upon you right now. Play until you need play no more to satisfy those whims of yesterday. For when you have reached the satiation of those childhood dreams you will step forth with a vigor and a passion into the deeds you see with your all-knowing eyes and heart that are the answer to the state of the world as you see it then.


It will be with a new state of clarity with which you will venture forth and live the dreams of this moment, the dreams that you bring to your essence based in the moment and in the knowledge that all is right with your world and that what you are doing in the moment expressly matches that which is beckoning you to come forth and be that which is calling you from within.


I go now and express the rest of the joy that is calling me for I dance and sing with you and I join you in your play. I wallow with you in the waves of love that surround us at all times and I see the independence with which you seek the answers for your lives. I whisper in your ears that you have the independence through your free will to express and experience to your hearts’ content. Be that as it may, it is perfection for you, for it is sprung from the depths and expressed to the heights of heavenly bliss. Join me, and find heaven in your heart and bliss in your soul, forevermore.


Thank you dear Maldek,

Love, Nancy Tate