December 18, 2007               Click Here for Printable , Click Here por Espanol




My dear ones, today is a day of joy and reverence around the world. Today is a day when shadows are crossing the moon and disbursing to reveal the truth to many. It is a day of rejoicing and jubilee, for all good deeds are coming to fruition and all songs are being sung with the grandest of tones.


As I sit in this reverie and ask for the grandest of events to materialize, I see the tumultuous happenings coming to a close, and the drifting of dawn come into view. This dawn holds a promise for all of mankind, and as it comes into view with the celebration of the new sun of God there is a heartbeat that is stirred to awakening and a tiny whisper of times to come.


Within this whisper sings the total banishment of that which is not to the liking of all of humanity. There is a new song of wonder and a trail of tears that glisten in the glow of newly found gold dust. With this trail of tears is a lonely wail of times over and spent. These wails cry out for the legacy that has been set down throughout eternity for the sons of man and the daughters of Gaia. As these wails fade away and cease to ring across the landscape they take with them a reality that can no more exist in the new glow of the sun as it shines for the this promise of the new day of peace and love that is whispering over the prairies and singing through the pines and the waves of the ocean as it laps against the shores of tomorrow.


I rest with you in the intricacies of today, and as we dine on the scores of fruits that render themselves unto us, we do so with a fervor that supplants the drudgery of yesteryear. We do so with a great deal of joy and passion for what is brewing in our hearts in this moment.


Do you feel it? Do you feel the swelling of the promise of what you are to do in the coming dawn? Feel the tremor through your beingness as it recognizes your allowance and accepts the deliverance unto your world. Is it now a beautiful sight and a delicious taste as you roll it around your senses and feel the glow as it spreads throughout your being?


This is the time for all that life has been leading up to. How are your mirrors going to reflect that which you have set into place for this time? Are you to be marching to the drummer of the documents set into place on the hallowed ground of yesterday? Are you swimming in the glow of the promise of everlasting life and the message that rings out of its coming?


Whatever your promise and testimony for these coming times, you are on the threshold, and the nuances of what you will be engaged in is at the beginning stages. It is time for you to step forth and be that which you have destined is to be your coming beingness and the activity that accompanies and represents that way of being an example for all of those who came before and are to be in the present moment, for it is all here and now.


Take thee unto the promise and reap the wild rewards of joy and movement. Take no prisoners and allow the freedom of the choice of all to fling forth the fetters of yesteryear and allow the freedom of dance to swing forth and fly through the heavens on the wings of a million Doves of flight. There is no finer example of the potential of humanity than to fly free and in love with all that is before them, for there is no flight that is so much in fancy that it does not see what love looks like and feel its tender touch as it wafts its way through your beingness.


Take a look now and see what is before you. What does it look like in your heart? How is the light of your soul shining forth and seeing what lives in the heart for discovery? Allow that truth to come forward and speak its message of destiny. Sing to the pleasures that spring forth from the messages that sing through your veins. Step forth in the journey that leads you to the destiny that is set down in the annals of time by the Spirit that lives within. Recognize the words that lead to the solace of the old ways and the joyous chorus that accompanies you through the travels of the new way of being created by you and all of the ‘You’s throughout time and no time. It is written on the wind and sung through the trees, your song of love. The light of truth ring through time and out of it into the limitedness of creation forever and ever in love and truth with no parting and no separation.


I am Avenda, and that is not all I am, for all that is, is all of who we are in the Oneness that is expressed in the heart of The Creator, Source of All. Take thee unto love and you take thee unto forever destiny, for that is All there is.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate