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When you find yourself going into overload take yourself into a pleasant place and remove yourself from the object of overload. This doesn’t always feel possible when that object is an emotional wall, or a feeling of despair, at least not physically. However it is possible on a scale that takes you to a new place within, a place that allows your inner joy and peace to arise once again and be the voice that is the true you.


I Am Avenda, once again, and on this day I would like to share with you a reason for what is taking place and how it will all come to fruition in your lives. With all of the personal and public outcry that is taking place in your world today, you are experiencing vast amounts of changes in your DNA and in your physical and non-physical bodies. You are tuning in to the historical playout of emotions that are arising and flowing out of your fields. As well you are tuning in to what is being presented to your future as possibilities.


Yes, there are a number of scenarios that are being born and are being given life, or having life withdrawn from them. It is a time in the evolution of mankind when many different ideas and thoughts are being played out. As well, these thoughts and ideas are stirring the pot and bringing to the surface a great tug of war and a kaleidoscope of playouts that may or may not take hold and be the future that you will experience.


What you all do today and what is being done is the result of the changing waves of energy that are responding to all of the myriad of thoughts and ideas that are taking place. At no other time in the history of mankind has there been such an influence of the energies of Creation as there is now. With the emergence of the Mushaba Force and the energy that is being brought forth from that Force, we are seeing the relativity of all that is being projected from humanity, and the more that these thoughts are clanging about in the waves of energy the more that the playouts are bouncing against each other and causing this chaotic manifestation of activities.


This will not continue for much longer, for as this reverberation settles down and the thoughts of humanity and the will of the Creator come into alignment, there will be an evening out of the energies. The Mushaba Force will be able then to have more far-reaching effect on what takes place and actually brings about a distinctly peaceful manifestation of events on earth. This is an ongoing evolvement of the momentum that is being created and that will continue to represent the energetic intent of mankind.


Realize that there are as many desires and intentions on this planet representing mankind as there are little liver pills in Carters bottle. Imagine the numbers of people on the planet and the numbers of belief systems, as well as the societal representation of all of these wonderful people. Now see that the underlying energy of intent represented by these people is to bring peace and freedom of expression into their lives. People are at the brink of jumping up and just saying “NO!” they are about ‘filled up to here’ with all of the shenanigans that are taking place all over the globe.


What we will see as a result of their clamoring for peace and freedom is that there will be a turnaround, and yes, there will be a great uprising of the resistant force. When there is a churning of the pot, you well know that there are many parts of the stew that rise to the top and whirl around in a way that disturbs the gentle bubbling that has been taking place.


This changing of the energies comes in phases, my dears. It takes its own momentum and in that it creates a flowing in and out of the energy of change. When things are going along and the resultant impact is finally met by another group of people, or ideals, then they rise up and call for change. This is evident in the historical precedents that you have seen throughout time. We are in the midst of another rising up right now, and as that resultant activity manifests enough of what has been called for then those who called it in will be satisfied and will lesson their passion.


After a while there will be another group of people who will do the same thing, they will answer their call for change in their lives, as their beliefs and desires are being challenged. This will continue to reverberate throughout creation and will bring about the changes that are destined to bring about the New Golden Age. Realize that these changes also bring about the eruption of other issues. This will continue until all of the energetic patternings of the history of mankind on earth are freed from their entrapments and allowed to flow on out to be transformed into the light, and then given new power for change in the expression of that light.


Dear ones, when you read this and see the answer to why things are not happening as quickly as you wanted, perhaps you can understand a bit of how the energies of change come about. I know you’ve wondered at times why it is taking so long, and some of you have declared that you want to leave this planet unless something happens soon to alleviate this pressure. I understand, for I too have felt that in this one.


I also know that this is an expression of exasperation, and it allows that energy to release and render you free of it. I encourage you once that has taken place to then bring in the next positive thought that you can muster to replace the former thought. In that way you will find reason to go on and walk in the powerful steps that you bring. Yes, I see all of you and the underlying strength that you are. I see how powerfully you create your lives, and that is why you are able to go on. The part of you that knows that the release of these emotions is a positive thing for you also can see that the next powerful thing to do is to fill up that space with love.


I wish, before I close to talk a moment about the Mushaba Force. This has been introduced to these readers by Sananda; now I as well bring it to your attention. As you know for years the messengers of Light have been talking about a new energy that will be/is infiltrating earth and humanity. They have told you that this energy will be instrumental in assisting you to bring about these changes not only in your world, but in your bodies as well. It is all the same, all connected, one body, one world.


The Mushaba Force has been identified and presented as the name for that energy, and as you go forth and live in the resultant changes that this new energy helps to bring about, you recognize that it now has a name. The name is a vibration that matches that which is the result of its infiltration. The Mushaba Force is a direct creation of the God/Goddess of Creation. It’s destiny and purpose is to bring about the phase of this plan that has been destined since time began. In fact, this whole universe and all that is a part of it was created for this outplay of existence.


There is a race of beings, The Mushaba Race, and the planet Mushaba is where they live, in the Pleiades, simultaneously with their representations on earth. It evolved from the Central Sun to the Andromedan system; then when it came to be time for the planet to make a change, it was moved into the Seven Sisters. They are a black race of beings, and when they first came to earth, they created themselves as all colors and races on earth in order to set an energy to which they would be able to identify at this time of earth’s and humanity’s evolution.


Many of these original beings who are now embodied on earth are experiencing lives of such magnitude that they have brought a great deal of suppression to their light in order to present the avenue by which the dark forces of energy may be released in expression at this time in the ascension of earth and mankind. Many others are carrying the torch of light as magnificently as the torch has dimmed with the others. They all are bringing a great gift to humanity and earth in order that this clearing and release may take place. All will be glorious and new when the Light goes on all over the globe.


We are indeed grateful for all of you, for all of humanity is carrying a torch for freedom, peace, justice, joy and love in all ways. You are the ones who have called for a truth-seeing and you are seeing it now as you look around and in the mirrors. You are the ones who came here to carry out this mission and we stand humbly before you and within you to glory in your abilities to rise in service to The Creator source of all, for you are that beginning and that continuation. Go forth now and multiply that which is in your service and know that it is Grand.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love Nancy Tate