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Hello Dear Ones,

Yesterday a dear friend whom I have been in contact with off and on for a number of years sent me a video of a song done by Huey Lewis and The News, a wonderful band that has been around for a number of years. As I listened to the song I knew I had heard it often, and yet this time I related to it in a deeper way. I felt that it was so popular on a deeper level for me and for others because of what we are experiencing these days. It is a song that has no time, and yet it is coming through in a way that will likely bring a message to many people that they had not seen before. My inspiration was to bring a message through and to share the song with all of you. You may click on the link that you will see at the end of this message to see and hear the song.



Wake up Call: Avenda, August 23, 2017


There is a time coming when there will be no desire to give of yourself in a way that is downgrading, and useless to see the advantage. It is a time for all of you to feel the Love that is the ultimate blessing that is in our lives and our beingness. We are the ones who agreed to come into this world and to fulfill that which we have known is the betterment of the planet, even though in many cases we have seen that it doesnít seem that way.


Why did we come here in the first place? It was to bring forth that which we are capable of and to carry it forth into the various expressions that would come to us in many ways. It was also a means by which we could see how far we could stray from our beingness if we took turns that did not give essence to our knowing that we are capable of creating anything that we desire as long as it rings true with who we all are and why we are here to live in the camaraderie that we know can be the most powerful energy of all.


How often have people tried to show us that Love is the weakness when it comes to the inspiration to do what we feel forced to do in order to keep our power? Well, look where that has brought us in the escape mechanism that we have brought to the picture. In the steps that have been taken, and the ideas of taking from others in order to be more powerful, we have proven that the only way to escape the power of Love is to degrade it and try to prove that our strength is in taking from others at any cost to the others, as long as it builds up the strength of those who have taken that road.


It is obvious now to so many, even those who donít want to see it, that Love is the answer to anything that we bring to ourselves, pass over to others and use to bring about the power that we can be in to live as One in harmony on this planet and anywhere else. We can use the Power of Love to bring about a direction that will prove to be the best way to live for everyone and eveything in life and Love for all times.


Once we get beyond the idea of time being a pathway to power, then we will know that we have returned to the knowledge of who we are and what we can do to create the kind of world that we desire for us and for all of Life. From the people, to the animals, the plant life, the insects, and all of life on this planet, all will be affected by the Love that is emitted in every moment on earth and beyond.


The power of Love is the music that sends forth the energy of the Creation of purity in existence. It is the way to answer every decision that comes forth to be realized for anything that arises in life here and in all of existence. We are here to live the Power of Love in every way that comes forth in our hearts, minds and actions. We are the Power of Love, and we are in the process of proving that to ourselves, and all of life. Sing it in the essence of purity that resonates throughout the land and all of Life.


 I am Avenda, and I have come forth this day to share with you what is so important to live in these energies of change on this planet, and beyond. Love is the answer for all of Life.


Thank you dear Avenda for helping me to express what Iíve been feeling so strongly!

Much Love to you all,

Nancy Tate


To Hear the Song and See the Lyrics in the Video Click Here .