August 15, 2014               Click here for Printable




If you knew what it takes to get what you want in this world you would climb every mountain and forde every stream. However only the present energy can tell you what it will take to make the coming moment the best it can be for the circumstances that are upon you. If it were, take a blessing from above, then it is already there for you to accept and make the most of.


We are the connoisseurs of the outreaching of your choices. We see what it is that you see, to be the best choice to make. It is a matter of you tuning in and seeing what is in your reach for the answer that you can move with. We are also seeing that there is more and more outreach that is taking you to a higher place than the moment before.


This is what you want, is it not? This is what you are striving for in every move that you make. It is a matter of knowing what is inspiring you forth and giving you the insight as to what move to make, and then making it. As the results show themselves to you, then you will see how much you have learned and what you are experiencing as a result. That is the answer, my dear ones. It is the legend coming into being and making itself the picture of Now. It is the best way to see what it takes to grab hold of an idea and flow with it in the energy of the moment and the inspiration that comes from a place of love, peace and joy.


It is not only what you have been guided to do; it is also what you have felt to accomplish in the moment. When you realize this and make it your impetus to take it further, then you will find the experience to be well worth the decisions that you come to through your own enlightenment. It is you and only you who make the final decision. That is the truth that gives you promise for the next moment and the next.


We are telling you this now because there are many of you who are in a position that will influence the coming times. We encourage you to see the results of the moments and the choices you have made. Is there not a barrage of information contained in what you see? Can you learn from that interpretation just what it will look like in the coming choices that you make in the overflow of what has already been accomplished?


You can learn much from this. You can see what it is that will be most powerful in the times to come. Depending on the choices that are made with each step of the way. Whether you like the results that you see or not, they are most rewarding for you in the experiences that they bring. You will see that as you go forward there will be changes that will resound throughout all of expression in the creation of the coming times.


Yes, you and we are all the creators of what is and is to be. We make the choices and we take the responsibility for it all. Whether it seems that way or not, it is so, for all of what we do influences the rest of the choices in every moment. That is the energy of the Oneness that we are.


I am Montusa once again and I give you this message for you are seeing many things happen in your world that seem to be overwhelming at times. You can see it as a splurge of energies that are all aligning themselves with each other in the overflow of choices that are being made. It is all good, for it adds to the energy of alignment that will come from this experience that you are all having.


I go now into the interesting expression that is being added to in every moment. I will see you in the afterflow, and we shall rejoice at the power that you all have. Love to you all!


Thank you dear Montusa,

Much Love, Nancy Tate