August 18, 2014               Click here for Printable



It is a wonderful day to tell the story of what is coming in the next few days. It is a time for all of us to look at what is around us and see what we are in the middle of creating. Yes, I am here from Inner and Hollow Earth this morning and I am speaking through this one in order to share with you what it is that is pertinent to this day and the ones to come.


As I speak there are millions of us within and out in the universe who are watching the events unfold that will evolve into a splendid series of events that speak of freedom and Love in a way that has not been realized on earth ever. It is one time in this beautiful experience of Love that will be remembered forever on and within this planet and resounded on through the universe. It is a time for all of us to see the participation of all of life on earth and beyond and the results that it is bringing.


Yes, I speak of the Universal acceptance of what has been and the results of that acceptance. There are enough people on earth now who have awakened to the power of acceptance and how it can bring a freedom to the people and allow them to go forth in what they see as being the paradise of living that they have dreamed of. It is a matter of them seeing what the results of their actions and their knowingness can be, and how it can multiply in a brief amount of time.


I will now speak of what has already taken place around the world. The various countries that have been in readiness for the changes in the monetary systems and the governmental changes are stepping up to the truth of what is in place and replacing what has been in the background of leadership for so long. So many of the people on earth have been led into believing that things are as they have been told they would be, and now the truth is coming out. There will be a tremendous reversal of the way of life on earth, and it will begin with the governmental, financial and societal ways of life that will be brought into place. This will represent the truth of what the people have been told and what will be allowed to come forward to set the pieces straight for the kind of life that has been promised for so long.


All of you will see the differences begin to unfold, and as they do you will feel the changes not only in your physicality, but within your knowingness as well. You will find that the changes that are taking place will affect so many pieces of your life, and will bring about peace and loving ways of co-operating in all aspects of life. It will come into place, and will reverberate in a way that will open up many people to the truth that they have been holding in place within them for so long. They will realize what it is that they have chosen as their truth and why. They will come to the realization of what is coming in the forward movement of the new paradigm.


Be ready for this, my dear family, for we will be coming forth from within this beautiful planet to assist you in the restructuring of the perfection that is in place in the energetic aura of all life on and within this planet. All life here will make the changes that will be in harmony with one another. It will be a journey that will show you all how it is to be the Creator, along with each other, of the perfection of Love and the harmonic joining of each other in action and the loving energy of harmony.


Be ready dear ones, for there is much to come that will require your acceptance and your acknowledgement of the beauty of being a part of all that is with you in the moment. Take it one step at a time, and enjoy the journey as it unfolds. Do not fear the steps or the coming outcome when something comes that seems foreign at first. In the next second it can show you that it is bringing a freedom back to you that will stay in place and sprout more and more of that freedom that you have been longing for and are now allowing to come forth.


I go now to the next step I have agreed to in this endeavor, and I will be greeting you when the time is in place for the reunion, as will so many of us. Stop and smell the roses and emerge yourselves in the beauty that it brings, for it is the loving energy of truth that will set you free. My Love joins with the Love from all of us within your beautiful planet and beyond out into the universe. Home is where your heart is, and it is in Heaven on Earth.


Thank you dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate