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I am here today to give you a sample of what is to come for you in the rest of the ascension process. It is a matter of what you are doing in the moment and how that is affected by the energies of the universal influence that you have had a hand in creating. I am Hatonn, and I am most pleased to be speaking with you this day.


As I said when I began, there is a great deal of influence that you all have on the ascension process. You create as you go along, as does all of existence. You have as much power as anything anyone else in existence. It is a matter of what you do with that power. It is a matter of being true to your innermost desires and intentions for a wonderful, peaceful loving life.


This is what is at the base of your experience. This is what you have realized to some degree throughout out all your experience. As you go forth in your experience, you are realizing that more and more what you see in your life is what you have been thinking and feeling. You are learning that in order to create your life in the way that you intend it to be, you must change some of your thoughts, words and actions. This is proof of your stepping forth in the ascension that you have been told is upon you.


One thing that you can do is to respect yourself more and more. See that what you are capable of is infinite. In that way you will begin to tune in more to what you realize is pure, and in the line of joy, peace and love. You will see the results multiply and build upon one another. As that comes about you will know that you can do so much more to enliven your experience and that of others. It is a matter of each having influence on one another. It is a matter also of you having the ‘final word’ of your example affecting you first and others as well. What you create comes into being for others to see as the example that they can create, if they choose, and in the manner in which suits them.


We are seeing such an incredible example through all of you. We see that in order to learn more about the ascension and how you can create it, you are doing things that set up a possibility of going in a direction that feels new to you. You also go in many directions in order to try them out and follow the instincts that feel the best at the moment. This is new for so many of you, for you are seeing that making a plan is not always the best way to live your life. It is a matter of bringing all of time into the present moment and going from there.


I shall give you an example. Once upon a time there was a person who took her time to make many plans and succeeded in living her life more and more as if something was missing. She gave it much thought and then one day realized that she was not being successful with the plans she made because they did not come into being. She found it was better to make a plan in a shorter time, and more and more it brought to her the realization that it was good for her to decide in a few minutes, hours, or days ahead. It became a pleasure for her to see how much more interesting and fun her life was becoming because she no longer relied on long made plans to give her a good life. She was seeing how much more enjoyable her life was to live in the moment. As a result she decided to move from where she lived and to realize long-ago dreams of a different kind of life from what her family and friends had long lived. As she relocated she found that her life became more and more peaceful and enjoyable. She found talents within her that she didn’t realize she had, and she didn’t have to study and be taught how to do them. They just were there awaiting her tapping into them.


This person I speak of is this one at the keyboard. She is an example of how you all can live, how you all can ascend into a higher consciousness. It is a matter of taking it one step at a time in the inspirations that come to you in the moment. Know that when you do so you will look back on what came from it and you will smile, you will rejoice, and you will love yourselves even more. You will then find that you believe in yourselves more than ever before, and that it is proving to be the best way to live in the moment that creates the best that can be for you.


Do you really think that you have ever done anything wrong? Everything, every decision you have ever made has produced the best results for your path of learning. See the power you have? See the growth you take with each step. It is measured by how wonderful you feel when you look at your life and the feelings you have. Ask yourself when a feeling might not feel the best and the answer will be immediately there. It is a matter of allowing yourself to see the truth of the answer and then go on in joy to the next moment of self-love, which can be translated into love of all that is, for that is who you are. You are part of all that is, and you contribute to it in a way that is deeply appreciated by all of existence.


Go now into your day and realize that anything that you desire and intend for your life is at hand. It is a matter of believing in it and your ability to bring it forth. Even the new doggie that is waiting in the wings of the angels to be by your side frolicking in the grasses of forever, and the flowers of Now.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate