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Tonight I had another leap forward in my evolution. Was it a leap of faith or was it a leap of knowing? It was a leap into the depths of beingness that brought me to the realization of what I had gifted myself with.


I shall begin with tonight’s listen I made to the latest message on Hollow Earth Network from Zorra. It was the first message in several weeks from Zorra, brought through his beloved son, Zaraya. Toward the end of the message Zorra shared with us the information that there is a sister planet on the other side of the sun in our solar system. It is a planet to which those of earth who choose to remain in 3D will be taken at the time of earth’s ascension and return to her pristine self. They will stay there and live their lives as they are now, until they too choose to ascend into their fifth dimensionality and return to the earth, or go to their original home planets.


Those on the surface who choose to ascend to the fifth dimension will be taken to the various ships around the earth that are in readiness to welcome their family back to their families of origin. They will be welcomed and assisted to their various phases of recognition of what they can do once they either return to earth, or go on to their choice of places in the universe. Zorra said that after the surface of earth is vacated all of the buildings, and other manmade things that have interfered with Gaia’s magnificence and pristine beauty will be melted down into the earth.


As I listened to what Zorra said, that all that was not in harmony with Gaia at the time of us all being taken from the surface, would be melted down into her, I immediately was reminded of a day not long ago, in which I kept being nudged to go for a ride down a certain road in this area. It was a road that back in 2003, my pendulum had led me to when I was looking for an area in NM to which to move.


As Bob and I took this road and I found that it didn’t seem to be the same road, but was definitely in the same area. We continued until it turned into a dirt road, then we continued further. The area at first graced rolling hills and a valley that seemed as being sheltered from being overrun by habitation. After a few more miles the landscape opened up into wide-open beautiful terrain. I began to get strong feelings of being home.


Then I was receiving information about when I was living there in a former lifetime as a Native American medicine-woman with my tribe. I worked very closely with the earth, that we today call Gaia. My tribe then called her Mamousa. I had been able to instantly communicate with Mamousa when there was anything that my tribe wanted to do on, or with the land. I would receive information that was always in keeping with being in harmony with the land.


As I was relaying to Bob what I was receiving about my lifetime there, it was so beautiful, so much like I was actually in that lifetime, so strong was the feeling. I was reminded of when I first came into that land of mesas and wide-open spaces that year I was looking for the place to move to in NM. In that first ride into that area I was so affected by the beauty and pristine energy of the area that I almost lost my breath; it was coming in gasps, and feelings of complete ecstasy.


As I rode with Bob that couple weeks ago through that area, I knew that I was ‘home’. After we rode in silence for a few minutes more I then had a flash of a vision of me, as I was in that lifetime as the medicine woman. It was then, in the middle of the day in the summer time. I laid down on the soils of Mamousa, and I felt the heat as I turned red and melted down into the embrace of Mamousa, as I passed from that lifetime into the Oneness of Mother Earth. I had such a complete feeling of peace and love with the realization of what I had seen of the closing of that lifetime.


That was my Wake up Call for today. When Zorra said the debris of the surface would all melt down into the earth, I remembered that vision I’d had of me melting down into Mamousa. I immediately recognized the symbology that it represented for me. I realized that for the past several months I had envisioned that we would be given the opportunity to restore all of the beauty and pristine energy of Gaia once we all had ascended. I saw that it would be something that we could do and take good feelings from.


What I realized today was that in having that idea of being on earth and working hard to restore it over the coming decades was not what we would have to endure, because it was not us who did it! It was that group of lower energy people who took it upon themselves to take over and control us in order to get what they wanted. It was those who got so lost in the fear energy that they could not see what they were doing and be able, or want to spring forth from it. They also knew how to take over and cleverly hide our vision from being able to see the truth.


We are now able to see the truth. The veils are being lifted and now we have the opportunity to see the truth as it is. I was given that gift of clear vision today. What it also gave me was the gift of releasing any feelings I had of being responsible for the rubble and mess that is on the surface. I know that I live in love and harmony with Gaia/Mamousa and I don’t have to endure the process of the next hundred or more years of restoring her to her pristine beauty with machinery, hard labor, and more mess. I can celebrate with her and help to rebuild our home upon her surface in harmony and the beauty that she represents. From beauty and love is birthed beauty and love. It is that simple and pure.


I wanted to share this story of my new realization of what we are in line for and what the gift of taking a ride down memory lane can do for us. We can see the truth for what it means deep within and then go from there into the promised land of beauty, harmony, peace and love of our creation. We can do it in the ease and grace of love in its simplicity of gifting from one to another. All we need do is accept our gifts and know we are on the brink of a whole new way of looking at life and who we truly are. Allow your fears to melt down into the soils of Gaia as you let them go in this land of make believe. It is time for the land of reality of love come into being in our lives.


Thank you Zorra for the Wake up Call,

Love, Nancy Tate