August 06, 2011               Click Here for Printable, Click Here por Espanol


Hi Everyone,

As is happening for everyone now things are taking place in my life in a way that speaks more than ever of the need to live the moment and accept what that moment means. My experience in Maine was just that; live the moment and understand that it can lead you in a direction that you could not even perceive was there in the previous moment. It has been quite a journey, and will continue to be.


While I was there, I was prompted by my friend to do a Wake up Call. What came then is what I bring to you today. I can see how what the message conveyed is being lived and it is very timely for me. I have seen how certain energies in my life are being resolved and cleared, and how the decisions I have been coming to are the result of what had seemed a muddle of thoughts and words, that needed my clarity to become cleared.


Bob, Toshiro and I will be moving from Tucson to my hometown in Maine to be with my mother at this time in her life. Our time there will be filled with love and progression in our lives. It will serve not only us, but also my family and some friends as well. We expect to be on the road heading east before the end of August. I will keep you updated and will continue to bring messages as they come. Thank you all for being you. I love and cherish you, and I send this message forth with the thought that perhaps it may speak to you of something that is prevalent in your life right now.


Blessings Prevail; open your arms, minds and hearts to receive them.


The Collective


If you ever want to be in control of your life, you will be wise to see what it is that you want to control. Take a good look at it and then look at what you expect from your control. There is a fine line from that original desire for control, and the result that can come from it. When you see that line and follow it to the end you might well be surprised at how it looks as compared to what you imagined it would.


We realize that you are now asking what this message is all about. You wonder what is to come from this and why is it here for you now. I suggest you take a look at your life and then ask yourself how much of it is due to your control of it, and how much is due to what has happened in a series of events. This can give you an idea of how you live in the moment whether you are aware of it or not.


For instance, take the role of a mother and child as they gain age and experience. Do you see how this can lead in many ways into a situation that can be displeasing on the one hand, and satisfying on the other? Can you see that in the long run it is perfect for the intent of how it can serve you?


There is much to be said for the bottom line and in that eventual playout of the lines and promises to do as well as can be expected, there are always what may be considered mistakes, wrong judgments and decisions. Look again, and see that they are all in perfection, for the end result, or the bottom line that always has potential for more.


We are here today to tell you one thing that can make all of the previous words come together and make sense. That is that there are no errors in judgment, or decisions. There is only the expected, or unexpected result. That is the basis of what life is, and with that you are never in control, even though you totally believe that you are. It is a done deal from the beginning and that deal is that it will always be ongoing and never-ending, for it all renders itself as the circle of life that spirals into oblivion. Now do you see that control is a made up concept that has no ending and no beginning? If you do, then you are on your way to the freedom that will see you through all of life’s choices.


We leave this message now with love and blessings, for you are with yourself in a whole new way with every breath you take.


Thank you dear Collective,

Love, Nancy Tate