August 23, 2010              




My dear ones of the highest power, you are about to experience a time in your lives when you will feel as if you are riveted in place and unable to move in any direction. This is the time for you to surrender to that feeling, for when you do you will then felt the ease with which you will slip into the new you. You will then experience something so profound that it will feel as though you are floating for a few moments and then within a very short time you will feel a new grounding to home. That home will be Mother Earth.


That is what is working up in the release of the unspent energy that has been accumulating not only within you, but as well in the body of Gaia, Mother Earth. She has been holding that energy for you to be able to catch up with her and then all at the same time you can release what remains that doesn’t fit, and ease into the new way of being in a harmonic way. This is what will come about as you allow the energies of release their freedom and the creativity to show themselves in a way that will be unmistakably the best way that could have come.


You will not be in any danger. You will not see the terrors of yesterday. You will see only the new horizon and the rise of the new sun that speaks forth of its coming. As you take this leap into the new world, you will be unmistakably overjoyed, for in that leap you will see all of the freedoms that you will create in your world and it will all be there in that split second. You most likely will not remember the individuality of it. However you will have the feeling of total freedom, and you will live it and speak it forth in your lives.


Hear what I say to you this day, for I sing it into your hearts and I whisper it into your third eyes. I shout it into the heavens around you, and I write it on your template of memory, for you are tuned in and I see you responding in the most glorious of ways.


I wish to speak now of another coming, and that is of the presence of many ships that will decorate the skies. They will come when you see them in your dreams. They will come at the hint of the understanding of the majority of humanity they will come and bring their love expressed in countless ways as they come to earth and assist all of you to the rebuilding of your new home.


Yes, I say new home for with the release by Gaia of all that is keeping her from being free and clear she will be singing a grand song of rebuilding, and of the forgiveness of all those who sought to tear her apart. Yes, she knows that it was destined to bring this karmic playout to the universe and to experience what can take place even when they venture so far away from the truth of what the reality of life expressed in that vein is. There is so much promise for all of humanity and as the truth comes into play, into expression, there will be an undeniable harmony between those who are here and those who are coming.


My dear ones, we of the Mushaba planet will be among those who will come and harmonize with you in the rebuilding of your world. We will come and sing and dance with you. We will be reminded as you are, of all that you are capable of and all that is destined for you to express in these new ways in which you will express your Divinity. It will be a whole new time on planet earth, and it will be of your making in every moment.


This is but an example of what is coming for all of you. You are creating it as you feel your empowerment strengthen. You will remember more and more the power that you have, and in so doing you will more and more resonate with it and know how to use that power.


Take the time my dear ones in this time of release to pamper yourselves and to do as you desire. It is a time of rest, in any way that you choose. Go out and play. Go forth and visit with your friends and neighbors. Do what feels good and do it often, all of the time. Love the animals as they love you back. Hug the trees, walk on the beaches, wave to the planes and the birds in the sky. Shout ‘I love you!’ to the rooftops. Be the beautiful beings that you are. Love yourself, and all that is, for it is the same. You are One with all that Is. Welcome home to yourself. I will never tire of saying that, for truth does not fade away. It builds on itself eternally.


Thank you dear Olawee,

Love, Nancy Tate