August 09, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click Here for Spanish




Hello dear ones, I am Olawee from the planet Mushaba. I come today to share something with you, and it is that there is coming a time on planet earth when you will all be meeting many of us from planet Mushaba. We are your brothers and sisters in the human race and we have been here with you since time began. We are here now in the capacity of working with you to restore the peace and love on earth and to be able to go forth with the kinds of things that will be put into place for a new society on earth.


We will be guiding you in the values that you hold over the freedom and self-empowerment that is a part of who you are. It is not just a set of words that give you an idea of what to hold true to your heart. These words have a life to them, and they speak forth in all that you do and say. They write themselves in many ways that you bring to your mind and translate through your heart. As we go forth and bring this planet to the new way of being and becoming a glistening part of the universe, we as well will be benefiting by your ideas and inspiration, for we remember the potential that we saw in all of you when we worked with you on planet Maldek.


As this all comes to be in the months and years to come, we will be here at your beck and call, along with countless beings from all over the universe to assist you in rebuilding your world in the image of the Creator Source of All. It will be a powerful example for the entire universe to see the progress that you all make bringing yourselves out of this tyranny that you have been experiencing and up to the atoll of your existence in freedom, creativity self-empowerment and love. You are super beings and we love you all tremendously to the end of time and into the beginning of, and on into infinity.


Thank you dear Olawee,

Love, Nancy Tate