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How are you feeling this morning? Is your heart singing to you; are you feeling in place on the land, or are you floating in a feeling of ecstasy? This is a time for all of mankind when the heart of Gaia is coming in line with the heart of the universe in a way that has not been experienced ever before. In so doing Gaia delivers her unified heart unto all of life in and on her surface. She delivers it to all animals, plants and minerals, and she delivers it to each and every heart of humanity. This is a time for all of us to be with Gaia in full, for she is giving us the best gift she can; she is giving us our eternal life back and she is doing it in a way that not only strengthens our ability to be everything that we are, she does so through the heart chakra, and on into every particle of light that speaks to us through our anti-matter atoms.


Now is the time when there is another message coming to us from the energies of the Central Sun. This is the time when all of Gaia’s family has been given the green light to go forward and meet the time of rebuilding with a new purpose. We are all being given the invitation to dine at her table for the feast of thanksgiving for all that has come before and shall be written in the records of posterity in full, and in Truth.


There is nothing now that can be seen as another truth, for there is only One, and as the moments unfold in this new beginning, we will all see that the Truth is the same for all of mankind, and for all of life on the planet. There is only one way that we can see life, and see it for what it truly is, and that is the way that speaks to us of the solidarity that moves us through the next times toward the new earth and the new way of being on the planet. Indeed, we are already seeing that and feeling that, and this day of the heart ray is the one that opens the door to all of that which is pure and full of promise for the everlasting life that is upon us.


The Mayans speak of the end of times as we knew it. They speak of the coming of new things. We hear it in the way that we can determine possible for our lives. Now is the time to stretch our perspectives to match that in the potential for all of mankind, for the ray of the heart has been delivered and is in place. We have overridden the other potential and now there is no turning back to the possibility that once followed us and greeted us with every turn.


See that there is only light and that it is all around us. We are fully in all of the energies of the times, the energies that give us our own abilities for freedom, empowerment, love, and creativity. We are being filled with the light of the Creator and are seeing the best that can be and the unlimited capacity that we all have for flight into the unknown and known at the same time.


So dear ones, here we are at the pinnacle of the new being. You have joined with all of us, with the ones who come to earth and await your arrival in your garden. We are here with you, and we are joining in your chorus of newfound vigor and the ability to make history sound itself over the land in a crescendo of tones that sings all of creation into the soils of earth and into the vastness of heaven. We are in this time of no time and we are making the journey brand new and full of all that we bring to ourselves. The time of time that we have all brought about is with us now and we have surmounted the old idea that we will continue that which we are not.


In the next events on earth we will see a changing of the guard. We will feel in our hearts a new momentum that will not only shake the old foundation from its moorings, it will ease the transition that is to continue into the brightest part of this evolution that has ever been. Hang on to your hearts and allow the ease to fill you with its song, and then you will find that your grasp is easing along with the energies that soothe your bodies and bring the light of the ages into your every cell and every atom, and transform them into the particles of light that you will recognize as the seeds from which you have sprung and that now fill the garden of earth with every color, every size, shape and form, every possible example of love and beauty that can speak forth in the hearts of every one of you. I stand with you this moment and I greet you to your new selves. You are beauty, you are love; you are the All That Is.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate